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The Top 10 Laser Hair Removal Myths That Just Aren’t True

October 27, 2019
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Laser hair removal myths

There are many variables related to the success of laser hair removal treatments. Factors such as your hair type, width, thickness, color, and the type of laser used should all be taken into consideration when setting your expectations.

Here are the top 10 laser hair removal myths we often hear that just aren’t true.

Myth One: Laser Hair Removal Hasn’t Been Proven As Safe

Facts. The safety of laser hair removal treatments depends on the type of laser that is being used. The FDA has approved specific laser hair removal systems, so be sure that you’re going to a board-certified technician that uses one of the FDA-accredited laser systems. Some beauty clinics that offer laser hair removal at a discount may be using cheaper laser systems that are not FDA approved to make up the difference in costs. Invest in yourself and in a safe system to avoid potential issues and health risks.

Myth Two: It’s Safe For Everyone

Facts. Everyone’s hair is different. It’s always wise and recommended to meet with your laser hair removal provider first to determine the results you can expect for your specific hair type. The results of laser hair removal will vary depending on the patient’s hair thickness, color, and even by their skin tone and type. The best way to tell how your hair will react to laser hair removal is by having a proper consultation done first.

Myth Three: Laser Hair Removal Leads To More Hair Growth

Facts. Laser hair removal does not cause more hair to grow. Every person has their hair growth patterns, and everyone’s body produces hair differently. While some will lose body hair over time, others notice an increase in hair growth as they age. Lasers can destroy existing hair follicles; however, they won’t prevent new hair follicles from forming.

Myth Four: It Won’t Work On Certain Hair Colors

Facts. Today’s high-quality laser systems have evolved to target hair colors that were previously difficult to remove. Both black and red hair can be successfully removed with modern lasers. White hair and gray hair will not be able to be removed by laser treatment since these hair colors lack pigmentation.

Myth Five: You Will Only Need One Session

Facts. It’s impossible to remove all hair growth through one single laser hair removal session. Hair grows naturally in different cycles and at different times. While your laser hair removal treatment will target the hairs that have already developed on your body, there will always be other follicles about to sprout new hairs. The best way to achieve results is by undergoing several treatments when each hair follicle can be lasered during its optimal time.

Myth Six: Lasers Expose You To Radiation

Facts. Laser hair removal systems approved by the FDA do not emit radiation. While radiation does exist between the light barriers of the laser, it does not exit that space, so it’s not harmful to the patient.

Myth Seven: I Can’t Get Treatments If I’m a Vegetarian

Facts. This myth always makes us laugh a little. This ridiculous claim states that anyone who eats a diet ultra-rich in beta carotene (i.e., carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, and pumpkin) is unable to get laser hair removal treatments. Due to levels of beta-carotene in their system, many vegetarians experience a yellow tinge to their skin. When skin is yellow in tone, the additional pigmentation absorbs laser light, and not enough laser light can reach the hair follicle. The best way to determine if your skin pigment has a deterring yellow hue is to schedule a consultation appointment.

Myth Eight: Burns Are a Side Effect

Facts. Burns from laser hair removal treatments may occur; however, they are rare and only temporary. Potential patients with dark skin are most susceptible to this side effect, and having your skin assessed before treatment will aid in setting expectations.

Myth Nine: Treatments Are Uncomfortable

Facts. Most patients report that laser hair removal is far less painful than other hair removal therapies, such as waxing. Some patients may feel discomfort with laser treatments, and some may not feel any pain or discomfort. If you’re sensitive to pain, you may feel any potential discomfort more intensely.

Myth Ten: Results Will Last a Lifetime

Facts. While laser hair removal treatment cannot and should not be guaranteed for complete hair removal for life, it is an effective treatment to reduce and eliminate current hair growth. Lasers can reduce hair counts up to 80%, and after treatment, the hair will grow back thinner or not at all.

Experienced and skilled laser technicians can make all the difference when it comes to laser hair removal. Call Radiance Skincare & Laser Medspa today to schedule a free consultation appointment with one of our expert technicians.

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