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5 Incredible Things That Happen To Your Skin After Ultherapy

July 31, 2019
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Ultherapy is a skin-tightening treatment that uses high-intensity ultrasound energy to deliver heat deep into the skin. This unique treatment can lift, tighten, and tone sagging skin on the face and around the eyes, as well as on the neck and chest. The treatment results in a visible lift and improvement in skin laxity, overall appearance, fine lines, and wrinkles without affecting the surface of the skin.

Here are five incredible things that happen to your skin after Ultherapy, and why you should consider it as part of your own cosmetic enhancement.

Collagen Production Is Stimulated

Ultherapy delivers focused ultrasound energy into your skin, triggering the body’s natural response and jumpstarting the regenerative process that stimulates collagen production. The results after Ultherapy treatments are skin that is tighter and smoother, as well as a natural reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. As collagen is produced to support the underlying layers, the skin can maintain its tighter, more youthful appearance for a more extended period.

Natural Skin Tightening Occurs

Tightening loose skin helps to counteract the aging process by giving you a more youthful appearance. Ultherapy is able to help you turn back the hands of time on your skin’s appearance. Those who are unable to undergo surgery due to health issues are typically excellent candidates for Ultherapy as an alternative to a surgical facelift. The ultrasound energy in Ultherapy treatments heats the underlying dermal structure to the precise temperature to constrict tissue for an immediate tightening effect.

Your Skin Begins To Lift

Ultherapy patients are able to achieve noticeably tighter and firmer skin after Ultherapy treatments. As the new collagen production is stimulated, your skin begins to lift and firm on the neck, chin, and brow. Fine lines and wrinkles are also smoothed as the skin begins to lift and tighten.

Any Side Effects Are Minimal

While the use of ultrasound technology has been a staple in the medical field for many years, the significant value for the cosmetic field is a more recent development. Ultrasound waves are used to produce the desired results without the use of excessive heat or surgical incisions. Ultherapy treatments are a relatively comfortable experience that does not require any anesthesia to be administered. Any potential side effects are infrequent, as well as minuscule. You will be able to return to regular activities immediately, and the only indication to others that you just had a cosmetic treatment will be minor skin redness that subsides within a few hours of the procedure.

Your Incredible Results Are Long-Lasting

The skin-tightening results you will achieve with Ulterapy are due to rejuvenating collagen deep within the skin. Treatments can be tailored to your specific needs and desired results, regardless of skin laxity or specific treatment areas. Ultrasound imaging is used during treatment to ensure the energy is delivered to the precise depth required to produce the best possible outcome. While some patients notice a small amount of change immediately, most results take between 2-3 months for the skin to become firmer and more lifted. Patients will continue to experience developing results for roughly two years following treatment.

Are You Ready To Experience Ultherapy Benefits For Yourself?

Ultherapy is the only US FDA-approved procedure designed to lift and tighten skin on the chin, neck, and eyebrows. In addition, Ultherapy can also be combined with injectables and laser resurfacing treatments to achieve better, longer-lasting results.

To learn more about Ultherapy and if it’s the right treatment option for your aging skin, call Radiance Skincare & Laser Medspa today.

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