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5 Reasons To Switch Your Lip Filler To Restylane Kysse

December 13, 2020

Switch lip filler to restylane kysse

Meet Restylane Kysse – the newest member of the Restylane family. Specifically formulated for the lips, Kysse offers natural-looking and feeling lip enhancement that lasts longer than any other lip injection available. Restylane Kysse lip fillers naturally increase the size of your lips while being minimally invasive with no recovery time.

Whether your genetics didn’t give you the full pout you’ve always dreamed of, or your lips have lost volume due to aging, Restylane Kysse is an excellent option. Here are five reasons why everyone we know is switching their lip filler to Restylane Kysse.

Restylane Kysse Feels Like Natural Lip Tissue

The formulation of Restylane Kysse allows for a more desirable feel. Kysse uses Restylane’s proprietary XpresHAn Technology™ (also known as Optimal Balance Technology) to deliver optimal flexibility once inside the lips. This unique formulation changes how hyaluronic acid binds inside the skin. Allowing for more integration, the gel flexes like natural lip tissue when you talk or smile, or kiss for a natural look and feel. Kysse also contains lidocaine to help make the treatment more comfortable because the lips are a sensitive injection area.

Hyaluronic Acid Is Already Found In Your Skin

Many lip fillers that saturate today’s market have proven to be excellent; however, Kysse aims to surpass them all. With a more pliable, longer-lasting formula, Kysse includes hyaluronic acid. A substance already found in your skin, hyaluronic acid works as an internal moisturizer for your body. This large sugar molecule attracts and binds water molecules, which work to keep your skin hydrated and volumized. Using a hyaluronic acid gel, Kysse swells when combined with water to produce a smoothing and filling effect.

Less Product Is Needed To Achieve Results

A significantly lower amount of Restylane Kysse is required to show an improvement in lip fullness compared to other fillers, making it an excellent option for achieving fuller lips. Undergoing maintenance treatments before your results wear off will enhance the effects of Restylane Kysse injectables.

It’s The Market’s Longest-Lasting Lip Filler

Made with an incredible technology called Natural Expression, Restylane Kysse allows the hyaluronic acid gel to fill the lips seamlessly. Natural Expression technology enables the filler to move within the lips as they move. This feature eliminates the heavy feeling of a filler while simultaneously preventing it from looking unnatural after injection.

Clinical trials showed that the average duration of Restylane Kysse filler in the lips was 6-9 months before a maintenance treatment was necessary, making it the longest-lasting lip filler in today’s market.

Restylane Kysse Is Reversible If You’re Unhappy With Your Results

Most patients love their results after Restylane Kysse lip fillers and look forward to their next maintenance appointment. However, if you are unhappy with your results for any reason, have peace of mind knowing that hyaluronic acid fillers can be removed or corrected without having to wait for the effects to fade naturally.

If you are ready to try lip fillers for the first time finding the right provider is critical. While lip fillers take just minutes to perform, your results can become less-than-ideal with an inexperienced provider. Lip augmentation poses real risks, especially if the person providing injections lacks specific training, product knowledge, and skill. Always ask to see previous patients’ photographs and ask to see photos of patients who had similar lip enhancement goals compared to yours.

Radiance Skincare & Laser Medspa will always listen to our patient’s wishes and offer aesthetic advice. We’d love to introduce you to Kysse and discuss any other cosmetic treatment options you may be interested in. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or appointment.

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