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The Best Anti-Aging Solutions To Keep Your Hands Looking Young

December 7, 2021

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The skin on your hands is thinner than the skin on your face, and it’s also more prone to premature aging than other parts of the body. Hands can quickly exhibit wrinkles, sun spots, and bulging veins that continue to progress over the years.

At Radiance Skincare & Laser Medspa, we offer several treatments, including Thermage Skin Tightening, Exilis Ultra 360, and Laser Vein Therapy, to keep your hands looking young while addressing your top aesthetic concerns.

Why Do My Hands Look Prematurely Old?

Fat loss in the hands is a natural occurrence with aging. When it comes to the hands, here are the top factors that can make them appear old:

Age Spots. Caused by damage from the sun, age spots show up on your skin when exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays without proper protection.

Crepey Skin. The backs of your hands suddenly resemble a piece of crumpled-up paper that is unfolded.

Prominent Veins. Dark-colored veins making themselves known through the skin’s surface. Loose skin that slides around only makes them more prominent.

Dry Skin. Nothing about dry, scaly skin screams “young and healthy.” If left untreated, dry skin can become so cracked that it causes the skin to bleed, leaving scabs on the skin’s surface.

Stained Fingernails. If you’re experiencing yellow or brown fingernails that are accompanied by pain, it’s likely a fungal infection and should be treated by a doctor ASAP.

Brittle Fingernails. Things like water or chemical exposure, seasonal weather changes, and even genetics can lead to brittle fingernails that are constantly breaking.

Home Products for Hand Care

Keep your hands hydrated and smooth with these home care recommendations for hand care.

Step 1 – Exfoliate. Exfoliate your hands at least once a week with sugar scrubs or peel pads.

Step 2 – Retinol. One of the best ingredients for anti-aging, using retinol on your hands one or two nights a week will help keep the skin firm.

Step 3 – Sunscreen.  The most important thing you can do for the skin on your hands is to apply sunscreen. Reapplying throughout the day with an SPF 40 will help lock in moisture and keep your skin protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

If you’re looking for a recommendation on specific brands or products that we love and use ourselves, ask us for a recommendation!

Professional Anti-Aging Treatments for Happy Hands

Hand rejuvenation treatments are provided to clients who wish to address the common signs of aging hands. At Radiance Skincare & Laser Medspa, we offer various services that will restore your hands to a more youthful appearance. All of our services are non-invasive or minimally invasive and do not require surgery or downtime.

We can help you restore your skin with these proven treatments.

Exilis Ultra 360

If your concerns over the appearance of your hands center around skin laxity, Exilis Ultra 360 skin tightening treatments could be the ideal solution. Exilis Ultra is a non-invasive laser treatment, but rather than utilizing light energy, the treatment uses radiofrequency and high-frequency ultrasound energies. When combined, this technology stimulates collagen production, resulting in contouring and smoothing of trouble areas.

Achieve firm, younger-looking skin from the first session, with 4-6 treatments scheduled 7-10 days apart for optimal results. Each treatment session lasts between 20-30 minutes, and for most patients, results are visible from the first treatment session.


Thermage treatment is an innovative, non-invasive treatment designed to reduce the signs of aging on both the hands and arms with no downtime required. The process uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate new collagen production in the skin, thus creating firmer, smoother skin.

Thermage treatment uses Radiofrequency (RF) technology to heat the inner layers of your skin. This procedure uses a handheld device that is pressed onto the skin area that is being treated, and then heat is applied to the target area. It’s able to heat the inner layers of your skin while keeping the external layers of the skin cool, and this heat sensation, in turn, stimulates natural collagen production in the body.

Laser Vein Therapy

Visible veins can lead to even the most confident person covering or hiding certain areas to make budging veins less visible. Some patients spend decades with stressful veins and facial discoloration; some experience them from birth. No matter how much time you’ve spent with these frustrating blood vessels, you deserve skin that boosts your confidence. Laser vein therapy with the excel V will help reduce the appearance of these veins with a safe, comfortable procedure. If you’ve been considering vein surgery, learn more about laser vein treatment to see whether it’s appropriate for your skin.

Don’t let the appearance of your hands keep you from feeling as confident and youthful as you feel. Schedule a consultation with Radiance Skincare & Laser Medspa today to learn more about your options for restoring your hand’s youthful appearance.