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Your Cosmetic Injections Cheat Sheet

July 6, 2016

guide to facial lines that can be treated with Wheaton cosmetic injections

Dying to try out injections, but totally lost as to where you should start? We understand – since the rise of Botox in the last few decades, cosmetic injections have become a diverse, incredibly popular wrinkle treatment. And injections don’t stop at facial lines – they can also help trigger collagen growth and even reduce fat.

If your head is spinning, we’re here to help you sort things through. Check out a handy chart to which injections are available at Radiance Medspa (and what sets each one apart) below, and let us know if you have any remaining questions.

Facial Fillers & Injections at Radiance Medspa

Name Injection Type Top Wrinkles it Treats Best For
Botox/Dysport Neuromuscular-blocking agent Frown lines, crow’s feet Botox and Dysport are incredibly similar, as both contain the same protein which partially relaxes facial muscles responsible for wrinkles. Patients hoping to improve lines on the upper half of the face will find success with these injections.
Restylane Dermal filler Laugh lines, lip lines Restylane is incredibly versatile and has been in use for decades. Great for those seeking immediate results, on nearly any area of the face.
Radiesse Dermal filler Deeper furrows around the mouth or nose Radiesse not only supplies new volume beneath the skin, but also triggers collagen growth, making it ideal for those hoping to see an extended, comprehensive anti-aging impact.
Juvederm Dermal filler Lip lines, laugh lines Like Restylane, Juvederm is very versatile and can be used across the face. Its composition is based on a naturally-occurring substance (hyaluronic acid), and works well for those concerned about allergic reactions to other injections.
Voluma Dermal filler Sunken or hollow cheeks Voluma has a thicker consistency and longer lifespan, so it makes a significant difference to volume loss in the middle of the face.
Belotero Dermal filler Lip lines, small lips Belotero offers delicate plumping that’s perfect for subtle lines in fragile areas like the lips.
Kybella Fat reduction injection Neck lines Kybella destroys fat cells underneath the chin to improve a double chin and also reduce lines that may have formed on the chin or upper neck.

Not seeing an injection you’ve had in mind? Just get in touch and we’ll answer all your questions. Remember, an injection that’s right for a friend might not be the right one for you – only an in-person consultation will allow us to determine what’s best. Your consult’s free, so what are you waiting for? Reach out today.

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