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Digital Complexion Analysis

Would you expect your doctor to give you a treatment plan without doing an evaluation of your physical needs first?


When it comes to your specific skincare needs, why would you approach it differently? After all, your skin is your body’s largest organ.

Because at Radiance MedSpa we believe your skincare needs should be treated in the same manner as your other health care needs, we offer our clients a digital complexion analysis to identify your skin’s condition — both above and below the surface. The digital complexion analysis takes two sets of facial pictures: one set in normal light which shows the surface conditions, and the second set under Ultraviolet (UV) light which shows the subsurface conditions. We can look at visible spots, pores, wrinkles, texture, bacteria in your pores, and sun damage or UV spots.

The data that we collect from the analysis allows us to formulate a customized skincare solutions package to give our clients the “wow” results that they are looking for.

How is your customized skin rejuvenation plan developed?

The complexion analysis data provides us with a “road map” of what your needs are. Following a consultation about your needs, a unique combination of options, to achieve optimal facial rejuvenation, are presented to you combining your immediate concerns with long-term goals for healthier, radiant skin. This treatment plan will be optimal for you and your budget.

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