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Get a Surgery-Free Facelift

August 23, 2017

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We all want smooth and unlined skin – but we have different methods of attaining it.

With the ongoing advances in skincare technology, the old-fashioned facelift isn’t the only way to tighten and lift (or the best). When it comes down to it, so few people are actually ideal candidates for a facelift. The lengthy recovery period, high costs, and risks just usually aren’t in line with what patients are prepared to work through for tighter skin and lifted features.

Instead of resorting to surgery, there are so many ways you can tighten up right here at Radiance Skincare & Laser Medspa. We’d love to tell you more about your options, and we’ve included some details on nonsurgical facelift packages below. If you schedule a consultation, we can tell you more about what our staff would recommend for your personal needs – and the steps you can take to arrive at your ideal results. Book yours today.

How Does a Nonsurgical Facelift Work?

These “facelifts” combine several non-invasive treatments to yield gorgeous results – without incisions or stitches. Injections effect superficial changes, and energy-based treatments impact deeper layers of the skin. When combined, these treatments allow you to make changes that look great today and in 2 months.

We want to tailor your facelift to your needs – and the treatment experience is a big part of that. Let us know what kind of results you’d like to achieve, how long you’d like them to last, and how comfortable you are with waiting any amount of time for them to show up.

One more thing – one of the coolest parts of these treatment options is that they aren’t affected by sun exposure. So, you can address your skin even during the summer when many light-based treatments are off the table.

Ultherapy 1.5

If you’ve been a patient of ours in the past, we’ve likely mentioned Ultherapy as an available option. That’s because it’s such a great treatment for patients of many different needs and ages. If you don’t want to deal with laser skin resurfacing and the associated downtime, but are hoping to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, there’s an Ultherapy setting for that. Ultherapy 1.5 offers more superficial treatment than the standard Ultherapy setting, and allows you to get a glow without downtime.

This is an excellent option for patients with heavy brows. It also does not interact with Botox, so patients can try this to boost their Botox results on a longer-term basis.

If you’re not sure whether you’re an Ultherapy candidate, we have a comprehensive guide to learning more about your candidacy – check it out before your consultation!

Chemical Brow Lift

We know that Botox isn’t new and thrilling at this point – but the years over which it has become a household name haven’t tarnished the amazing results. Receiving Botox in the glabella can lead to lifting of the forehead in addition to wrinkle reduction. The muscles of the glabella pull the browns, moving them together and downward when you clench your forehead or concentrate. Botox injections in the glabella can help elevate your brow, making results elsewhere on the forehead last longer.

Ultherapy & Dermal Fillers

Feeling anxious about sagging skin on the lower face? When deep lines form around the lips and mouth, your appearance can change drastically. Tackle those wrinkles with a clever combination of Ultherapy and dermal fillers.

Ultherapy accomplishes tightening from deep within the skin, triggering new collagen production. Fillers work superficially to add volume to specific areas of your face. Ultherapy results last longer than fillers, but will boost the appearance of any active filler results. Both Volbella and Belotero are excellent fillers for use with Ultherapy, complementing the skin tightening results around the mouth.


If you’re ready to reclaim your skin from the aging process, but not ready for a facelift, we’d love to tell you more. Get in touch today for the next step.

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