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The Hidden Dangers of Botox Parties 

August 15, 2019
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woman receiving botox treatment

Botox parties are currently trending due to the convenience, and fun-atmosphere they create. However, local health officials are issuing stern warnings regarding the hazards of women and men accepting Botox injections in a non-medical office environment.

The guest that often goes unnoticed at a Botox party is a hidden danger.


What Is a Botox Party?

Botox is a brand name for an acute injection known as botulinum. Botox treatments take only a few minutes to complete, with no required downtime. The speed and convenience of Botox have led to certain providers offering Botox in private homes rather than in a medical office. Having Botox performed at a friend’s house over food and drinks may appeal to those who want to try Botox, but feel a bit nervous about the experience. During a Botox party, injections are performed right in the hosts home, often at a discounted rate following a quick informational lesson.


The Risks of DIY Injections 

While Botox is widely used in doctor’s offices, and in spa’s as a cosmetic treatment, there is no U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidance for safely giving someone an injection in a home party setting. 


Before you agree to have Botox, be informed of the risks of DIY injections. 



  • No medical records – Your doctor keeps a medical record of previous treatments you have had. If you love your Botox results and want to replicate it, a Botox party is not going to give you the same results. Additionally, your medical history should be carefully reviewed to ensure the treatment is a safe choice for you prior to any injections. 




  • Potentially unsanitary conditions – Medical offices have a high standard when it comes to sanitary conditions in which all treatments are performed. Your provider should always follow best practices for handwashing, glove use, and syringe safety. Botox parties have an increased risk of potentially unsanitary conditions. 




  • An unknown injector – It takes a skilled injector to provide patients with the ideal Botox results they desire. Your goal should always be beautiful, natural-looking results, and there is no guarantee for this with an unknown and potentially untrained injector. 




  • Limited medical assistance – It is rare for a patient to have an emergency reaction to Botox. However,  should one occur, it is vital that you are already situated in a medical office with immediate access to trained professionals and lifesaving equipment. 



Be Wary of Counterfeit Injectables 

Perhaps one of the most concerning risks when it comes to Botox parties, or “plumping parties,” is the fact that the injections used may be a counterfeit product. Often, injections at Botox parties are being offered at a “discounted group rate.” The product price may be directly linked to the fact that the inexpensive injectable may be silicone, which is not FDA approved, due to risks of severe and life-threatening complications. Silicone is known to cause hard lumps in the breast and lips. Additionally, silicone can spread to the lungs, causing severe pneumonia with a 20% mortality rate. Silicone can also spread to the brain, which is 100% fatal. 


Minimizing Associated Risks

Don’t Be Guided By Price

If treatment is being offered for much less than the standard fee, compromises are likely being made either in the skill of the provider or the quality of the product. Don’t be guided by price when it comes to the appearance of your face and your health. 


Get a Consultation First 

Before having any treatment done on your face, you should always first schedule a consultation appointment. During this time, your provider can discuss your expectations and any concerns you may have. You should leave a consultation appointment feeling positive with no concerns. 


Leave Injecting to a Professional

All wrinkle treatments should be performed in a medical setting with sterile technique. Treatments that are done in homes, hotels, or beauty salons are not performed in a medical environment and should be avoided. 


Don’t Purchase Your Own Product 

Know exactly what product is being used for your treatment and confirm that it is FDA approved. If you have any doubts, ask if it was purchased directly from the manufacturer. Any unapproved ingredients can lead to severe adverse consequences


Skip The Botox Party and Trust Real Professionals 

Botox parties aren’t safe, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the many benefits Botox has to offer! Rather than risking the appearance of your face and your health, see Radiance Skincare & Laser Medspa instead. Botox treatments only take a few minutes, and you will have peace of mind in knowing that your results will be safe and effective.

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