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Is It Safe To Get Botox After the COVID Vaccine?

July 20, 2021

Botox after covid vaccine

As the number of administered COVID vaccinations increases, many questions have arisen about potential contra-indications for the COVID vaccine. Many of our patients are inquiring about whether they should wait to get the COVID-19 vaccine if they’ve recently had Botox or other dermal fillers, and if they should wait to receive anti-aging injections if they’re newly vaccinated.

This article will discuss the most recent data available to offer guidance on the safety surrounding Botox, fillers, and the COVID vaccine. Waiting the appropriate amount of time between injections could help to decrease the potential of experiencing adverse reactions.

Planning Botox Around Vaccine Doses

The guidance provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) states that they do not discourage vaccination for any individual with a history of filler or Botox use. The ASPS also states that the risk of swelling is so minimal that it should not dissuade anyone from receiving the vaccine or cosmetic injectables. The benefits of receiving the vaccine vastly outweigh any potential risks or side effects of having COVID-19.

Additionally, it does not necessarily matter the order in which you receive them, so long as you provide yourself with an appropriate buffer period to allow your body’s natural immune response to settle between injections.

Botox After the Vaccine

While there is still much information undiscovered, many sources consider it safe to receive treatments like Botox and fillers after receiving the COVID vaccine. The vaccine is not a contra-indication for Botox, meaning that if you are already vaccinated or planning to become vaccinated, there’s no reason to worry about the two interacting.

Botox Before the Vaccine

Like planning for botox after getting vaccinated, it’s currently considered perfectly safe to get vaccinated if you have a history of Botox or other fillers. However, there is a very slight possibility you may receive some swelling afterward. There have currently been three reported cases by the FDA (out of a sample of 15,184) in which patients have experienced late-onset swelling in the area of their filler following the COVID-19 Moderna vaccination, most likely related to the body’s inflammatory response.

All reported symptoms of these cases were mild and resolved quickly. It is not abnormal to experience minor swelling for a few weeks after fillers. However, if swelling subsides and then returns three to four weeks after fillers, this may be a symptom of the body’s immunological response following the vaccine. This type of delayed onset swelling isn’t uncommon, and inflammation can be caused by several factors triggering an immune reaction. Certain foods, environmental factors, and viruses can all cause varying levels of inflammation within the body.

Schedule Appointments Two Weeks Apart To Be Safe

Many sources suggest injectors wait approximately two weeks after a patient has been vaccinated before administering Botox or filler treatments. The reason for this is to allow for any vaccine-related side effects to subside before having any cosmetic treatments performed.

Always Trust an Experienced and Knowledgeable Provider

We recommend patients wait for a minimum of two weeks between appointments to be cautious. The best way to make an informed decision regarding vaccinations and cosmetic injectables is to discuss any questions you have before treatment with a knowledgeable provider. At Radiance Skincare & Laser Medspa, we will continue to follow the CDC’s guidelines as they apply to healthcare facilities and closely monitor the FDA’s literature related to Botox, dermal fillers, and the COVID vaccines.

Do you still have questions about the potential interactions between Botox and the COVID vaccine? Contact Radiance Skincare & Laser Medspa today to schedule a personalized consultation with one of our Botox experts.

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