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Jawline Filler: Why this Chin Sculpting Treatment is Seriously Trending

Woman with beautifully sculpted jawline from fillers.

You already know that fillers can miraculously plump lips, lift cheeks, and smooth wrinkles, but did you know that there is a new FDA-approved filler to help perfectly sculpt your jawline? And with fillers continuing to increase in popularity all across the country and the world, it is no surprise that this new trend of jaw fillers is taking off.

Why You Want a Sculpted Jawline

Your jaw can define the look of your entire face. A more contoured jawline and chin can make you look slimmer and can give your face a more balanced appearance. As we age, skin becomes looser, and bone loss can occur in the jaw, making our chin appear to recede. Therefore, a more defined jaw can even make you look more youthful.

What Are Jawline Fillers

Fillers offer a way to sculpt facial features without surgery or other invasive cosmetic procedures. Dermal fillers are injectable treatments that can be completed in a short visit with minimal discomfort and downtime. By injecting bio-compatible beneath the skin in the treatment area, an experienced provider can contour your problem area for subtle but noticeable changes to your look.

Hyaluronic acid is a common and effective filler that has been used for quite some time to treat all areas of the face. Recently, the FDA approved a new hyaluronic acid-based filler for use at the jawline called Volux. Volux is a part of the very well-known line of products from Juvéderm, which means it comes from a trusted name in cosmetic treatments.

Why is Volux Different?

Volux is made from a similar formulation as other hyaluronic acid fillers. The material used is tried and true as far as effectiveness and safety are concerned. What makes Volux special is that it is a gel that has the structure needed to successfully lift and contour the jawline in a way that other fillers cannot.

Volux is more firm than other fillers which are typically used in the softer areas of the face, such as the cheeks and lips. At the jawline, Volux can give a sharper, more defined silhouette because of its denser formulation. In this way, Volux can lift a sagging chin as well as sculpt and define a naturally weak chin.

How Long Does Jawline Filler Last?

Results from fillers appear immediately and can even improve over the short term because hyaluronic acid fillers promote your body’s production of important structural proteins such as collagen and elastin. The noticeable results from jawline filler treatment can be expected to last anywhere from 6 to 18 months, which is pretty impressive.

Can I Combine Treatments?

If you are looking for a more dramatic change in your appearance, fillers are a great option because they are typically safe to combine with other treatments. It is a benefit of minimally invasive treatments such as this that they can be used in combination for even better results.

Fillers are often used in combination with Botox injections for excellent anti-aging results across multiple areas of the face. If you are specifically concerned about a double chin, there are options to simultaneously reduce a double chin or tighten the skin in this area while strengthening the jawline with filler.

Is Jawline Filler Right for Me?

Fillers are an incredibly common cosmetic treatment because so many people are candidates. Dermal fillers are an option for you at just about any age and can be quite affordable, particularly when compared to cosmetic surgery. They are a great choice for both men and women.

If you are considering jawline filler, schedule a consultation with our office to explore this exciting new treatment.