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Relieve Treatment Anxiety with This New Sedation Option

Patient experiencing anxiety before a cosmetic treatment.

Many patients choose less-invasive cosmetic treatments to improve their appearance without going under the knife. But just because there are excellent non-surgical options doesn’t mean that you won’t experience worry related to your procedure. The good news is that we now have an option that empowers you to take control of your comfort so you can get the cosmetic procedure you’ve always wanted.

Understanding Treatment Anxiety

Treatment anxiety is a common phenomenon. Some amount of nervousness before a medical procedure is completely normal. The prospect of discomfort or the unknown can lead to feelings of worry, unease, or even momentary panic. But if this anxiety is potentially keeping you from getting the treatment you want, it can be a problem.

Meet Pro-Nox, a new sedation option designed to help relieve treatment anxiety. This innovative sedation system is a fantastic option for managing apprehension and discomfort surrounding your treatment. And understanding what to expect from the Pro-Nox system can also help significantly reduce treatment anxiety.

What is the Pro-Nox Sedation Option?

Pro-Nox uses a 50/50 mix of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen, often referred to as ‘laughing gas.’ A safe, effective, and trusted gas mixture used in medicine for decades.

When you inhale the Pro-Nox mixture, it quickly takes effect, reducing anxiety and pain. You may also experience a sense of calm and well-being. But here’s the best part – you control when you use it. This means that you can adjust your level of comfort during the procedure.

Pro-Nox isn’t limited to a specific type of treatment. It can be used in various medical and aesthetic procedures, including cosmetic treatments, dermatology, plastic surgery, dentistry, and even labor and delivery.

What Makes Pro-Nox Different?

Unlike other sedation methods, Pro-Nox doesn’t require an anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist. There are no needles involved, and there’s no lingering grogginess post-procedure. The Pro-Nox system is self-administered, which means you decide when you need a dose. It’s as easy as breathing in the gas through a mouthpiece. Within seconds, you’ll feel the calming and pain-relieving effects. Plus, the quick onset and rapid clearing of the gas mean you can return to your daily activities almost immediately.

You may wonder if Pro-Nox is the same as what you may have received at your dentist’s office. The answer is yes and no. The type of gas used is the same tried-and-true Nitrous Oxide used in the dentist’s office. However, there is a lower concentration than what is typically used in dental procedures. And, as we mentioned, you will have complete control of when and how much you use the system.

Benefits of Pro-Nox Sedation

The Pro-Nox system brings a host of benefits to the table. It’s non-habit forming, meaning it’s approved for repeated use. Its effects are almost immediate but also dissipate quickly after use, allowing patients to drive themselves home after the procedure. Finally, it’s proven to be effective and safe. And you don’t need to be diagnosed with clinical anxiety to use Pro-Nox. It’s completely your choice and can be added on to several treatments.

Side Effects of Pro-Nox

Side effects of Pro-Nox are minimal. Some patients may experience some dizziness, light-headedness, or nausea. The effects wear off quickly, and because you are in control, you have the option to use less if you feel unsteady.

Is Pro-Nox Right for You?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to managing treatment anxiety. However, Pro-Nox sedation offers a unique opportunity for patients to take control and alleviate their fears.

The first step towards a more comfortable and relaxed treatment experience is to have a conversation with your provider. Talk to us about your treatment anxiety, and we will be happy to answer your questions about the Pro-Nox system.