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In-Flight Skin Travel Tips For Jetsetters

January 28, 2019
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Young female passenger at the airport waiting for her flight

There is much preparation that goes into traveling. From hotel and airfare bookings to skincare treatments, you’ve worked hard to ensure you have the perfect vacation. Don’t let months of cosmetic preparations to go waste. Staying fresh and beautiful in the confined space of an airplane for several hours can be difficult.

Use these skin travel tips to not only ensure you look perfect on the plane but that you also arrive at your destination with a radiant glow.

Products To Pack

There are certainly a few products that you should always pack with you inside your carry-on in addition to your anti-aging skin care products by Radiance Skincare & Laser Medspa. These handy items are easy to use, and also TSA certified so security will be a breeze. One of the biggest mistakes travelers make is not taking into consideration the differences between cabin air and the air that we are used to. Cabin air is often less than 20% humidity whereas you’re likely used to 30% or more. Don’t find yourself mid-breakout by the time you deplane by bringing along these products.


Certified TSA Bottles

When traveling with carry-on liquids, the 3-1-1 rule of 3 oz liquids, 1 qt bag, for 1 passenger applies. Most drugstores or stores like Target have empty TSA-approved bottles that are reusable. These bottles can be filled with your favorite products to take with you on the plane rather than using a brand that was already sold in a travel size that may not work out.


Hydrating Your Skin

Humidity on planes is basically non-existent and keeping your skin hydrated can be a big issue for many travelers. Prevent dry, cracked skin and maintain a healthy glow. Bringing along some calming relief soothing moisturizer in one of your TSA-approved bottles is a great way to stay hydrated and relaxed. Your entire body is going to be lacking moisture, so keep exposed areas such as your hands hydrated too.


Makeup Wipes

These handy little wipes are the perfect travel accessory. Not only do they clean and refresh your skin, but they can be used to refresh other places on your body too. Makeup wipes are the perfect way to quickly take off any products that may clog pores during a red-eye flight without ever having to leave your seat.


Hand Sanitizer

You touch your face and hair consistently even if you do not fully realize it. Planes, airports, and public places are filled with bacteria and germs everywhere you touch. Bring along a small bottle of hand sanitizer and use it often while traveling. Remember to moisturize afterward as sanitizer is alcohol based and can be drying.


Lip Moisturizer

Your lips are another thing that can get extremely dry while traveling too. Bring along a lip product that is moisturizing and infused with vitamins and SPF. This will keep your lips lusciously drenched while adding subtle color to your pout.



Since your body quickly becomes dehydrated while on a plane, you will need to be sure to replenish it with plenty of water throughout your traveling. Your skin needs hydration on the inside just as much as it needs it on the outside. Drinking sugary drinks like coffee or alcohol will dehydrate you even quicker, so if you do indulge, be sure to drink water afterward.


Apply Sunscreen

Even though you are not outside, you still need to protect your skin from sun damage with SPF. The closer you are to the sun, the stronger the radiation risk. Keeping your window open during daytime flights can cause skin damage through the glass. Most aircraft don’t have tinted windows, so apply a lightweight sunscreen before your flight and don’t forget to reapply.


Preparation is Key

Starting to prepare your skin for an upcoming trip beforehand is the perfect way to start your vacation. Radiance Skincare & Laser Medspa has a variety of skincare treatments to ensure that you have the best skin possible. From laser skin resurfacing to laser hair removal, we are sure to have the perfect treatment option for you. Schedule your pre-vacation consultation today!

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