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The Best Laser ResurfacingTreatment For Millennial Skin

December 29, 2020

Laser skin treatments for millennials

In-office treatments like facials and microdermabrasion are commonly referred to as the foundation for maintaining beautiful skin. As your skin progresses in the natural aging process, it’s common to see a visible reduction in a smooth, radiant, and plump complexion. No amount of miracle night cream or skin serum will be able to ward off the signs of aging forever.

Clear + Brilliant is one of the gentlest laser treatments available, and it’s the ideal laser resurfacing treatment for millennial skin. Fight back against the visible effects of aging while improving poor texture and uneven skin tone with this incredible treatment.

How Clear + Brilliant Works

Clear + Brilliant works by using a gentle light that is emitted through a small roller-like device. Microscopic injuries to the skin are created, and these tiny injuries force the skin to heal itself. Invisible to the naked eye, these micro-injuries then work to boost natural collagen production. Results speak for themselves as your skin transforms into a healthier, more vibrant state.

How It Differs From Other Laser Treatments

Skin resurfacing lasers fall into two categories – ablative and non-ablative.

Ablative Lasers

Using high energy lasers like C02 and erbium, ablative lasers not only remove the damaged outer layers of your skin, but they also stimulate collagen production underneath the surface. These lasers can effectively target the skin on a deep level, making them incredibly useful. Ablative laser treatments can be slightly uncomfortable, and treatments require a recovery period for your skin to heal.

Non-Ablative Lasers

Non-ablative laser resurfacing, like Clear + Brilliant, does not remove or damage the skin’s surface. Instead, this treatment works by producing microscopic zones of heat-induced injuries to treatment areas while leaving surrounding tissue untouched. This type of laser treatment is less aggressive while still managing to target smaller target areas with fewer side effects. Results will be subtle and less dramatic than ablative laser treatments.

Safe and Effective For Refining Skin Texture

Clear + Brilliant is a safe and effective treatment option for refining texture, softening fine lines and wrinkles, and reducing visible signs of sun damage with minimal downtime required. Clear + Brilliant is ideal for young millennial patients looking to boost radiance and smooth the texture of their skin. If your skin suffers from severe sun damage, pigmentation, or acne scars, a more in-depth laser treatment, such as Fraxel Dual Laser, maybe a better solution that offers more dramatic results.

What To Expect During Treatment

Clear + Brilliant treatments are relatively painless and performed quickly. A topical cream will be applied beforehand to eliminate any potential discomfort you may experience during treatment. Each treatment session takes between 20-30 minutes. Clear + Brilliant works by gently moving over your face repeatedly to deliver precise laser energy to the targeted treatment areas. Concern areas like a blackhead-prone nose or areas of discoloration can be areas of focus to ensure you see benefits in the areas your skin needs it most.

An antioxidant treatment serum will be applied to your skin once the laser portion is complete. A hydrating mask follows after to boost healing and reduce potential redness. Four to five sessions are recommended to achieve the best, most visible results possible. Most patients begin to see a visible improvement in smoothness and radiance after just one session.

Clear, Radiant Skin With Very Little Downtime

Immediately following treatment, the skin may look slightly red and may be sensitive to the touch. Any side effects experienced are generally mild and disappear in a matter of hours. It’s recommended to avoid applying makeup until the morning after treatment to avoid any potential interference. Your skin may feel rough in texture for a day or two after treatment as the micro-injuries scab over and heal; however, any scabbing will be invisible to the eye.

Clear + Brilliant is an ideal laser treatment for maintaining a youthful look with minimal downtime. For the month of December, we’re offering two SkinPen microneedling with Growth Factor infusion treatments and two Clear and Brilliant Permea laser treatments with infusion for $1400. Savings of $350 is our gift to you this holiday season. Contact Radiance Skincare & Laser Medspa today to learn more about Clear + Brilliant and what it can do to transform your skin.


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