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Chin Augmentation With Restylane Defyne

March 11, 2021

Non-surgical chin recession treatment

Restylane Defyne is the newest addition to the Restylane family of products from Galderma. Easily one of the most recognizable names in injection fillers, Galderma offers several formulas to serve various aesthetic purposes. Restylane Defyne has been primarily used to lessen the look of laugh lines around the mouth. And now, this uniquely formulated hyaluronic acid dermal filler has been approved by the FDA for augmentation and correction of mild to moderate chin retrusion for adults over the age of 21. If you’re looking to achieve natural and beautiful results while correcting chin recession, Restylane Defyne may be an ideal alternative to invasive chin augmentation surgery.

What Causes Chin Recession?

The chin is a foundational anchor of the face that helps to balance a person’s facial features. For those who may describe their chin as weak or receding, chin augmentation with Restylane Defyne may be a desirable and practical treatment option. Anyone with hypoplastic or a recessed chin is a good candidate.

In many cases, a receding chin is a natural part of aging in both men and women. As the body grows older, it’s natural to lose a bit of bone and soft tissue around the jaw, leading to retrogenia. Some people are born with a receding chin, or a person can also develop one due to an overbite issue and poor dental alignment.

FDA-Approved For Use In The Chin

Restylane Defyne is the only FDA-approved filler expertly designed for use in the chin using Galderma’s unique manufacturing process. XpresHAn Technology, globally referred to as the OBT technology (Optimal Balance Technology), creates a smooth, injectable gel. By allowing the gel to integrate into the skin seamlessly, patients can expect to achieve natural and defined results.

Safe and Tolerable For Chin Enhancement

In years past, the only options for altering the chin’s appearance were radical surgery with cutting and advancing the chin for a more projected appearance. Alternatively, chin implants were another surgical option. While an implant is a relatively minor surgery with permanent effects, many patients prefer the results a filler offers because they are temporary and reversible.

Restylane Defyne is an excellent alternative for those who prefer nonsurgical treatment options for chin enhancement and augmentation. With Restylane Defyne, experienced providers can achieve great results with little to no downtime. While injectables cannot replace surgical procedures for numerous reasons, Restylane Defyne can be used to provide patients with an easily-achieved level of satisfaction that can be simply maintained.

Improved Chin Projection For Up To One Year

Clinical trials for the FDA approval showed that most subjects had significantly improved chin projection for up to one year following Restylane Defyne injections. Additionally, Restylane Defyne demonstrated results across a wide variety of patients, including those with all skin types, male and female patients, and those over the age of 52.

Phase 3 of the treatment revealed the following by week 12 following treatment:

  • 99% of patients stated Restylane Defyne improved the appearance of their chin projection
  • 100% of providers said Defyne improved the appearance of their patients’ chin at 12 weeks.
  • 91% of patients reported satisfaction with their chin’s appearance and how it looked in proportion to the rest of their facial features.
  • 88% said Restylane Defyne enhanced the appearance of their chin from every angle.

Finding The Right Treatment For You

Restylane is a famous line of hyaluronic fillers because they are especially good at delivering natural-looking results. Hyaluronic acid is a miracle substance that occurs naturally in the body. Not only does it fill out lost volume, but it also helps to deliver glowing nutrients to the skin. Restylane Defyne is the most advanced of the Restylane products because it’s made from more flexible hyaluronic acid gels. Defyne will retain its shape while the face expresses emotion, changes shape, or even contorts.

It can be confusing to tell what is best for your skin’s specific needs with all of these different products. The best way to achieve the aesthetic results you desire is to schedule a consultation appointment with Radiance Skincare & Laser Medspa. Contact us today to learn more about which Restylane product is the right option for you.

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