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Top 2017 Skincare Resolutions

January 24, 2017

woman drinking water to follow her Wheaton skincare resolutions for healthy skin

Do your New Year’s resolutions center around your skin? You’re not alone. Physical self-improvement is a huge part of what we focus on with the start of each new year. After all, we draw so much confidence and self worth from our external selves. If you could make a few small tweaks to your skincare routine to make this year your best yet, wouldn’t you put in the extra effort? It can be as simple as spending just a few more minutes on your routine each day. The results make the investment worth it!

We’ve listed some of our favorite skincare resolutions below. Try adopting a few of these into your daily/nightly regimens – and keep at it. If you’re not seeing results at home, just get in touch for professional recommendations.

Wear SPF Every Day

Your skin needs sun protection to thrive. While a tan might be appealing today, it’s going to lead to fine lines, wrinkles, volume loss, and other undesirable changes down the line. It’s not worth being bronzed for a few weeks (especially when you can get the same effect with makeup). Get a light moisturizer containing adequate sun protection (at least SPF 30). Struggling to find a product that doesn’t weigh you down? Look for labels like “non-greasy,” “sheer,” or “for sensitive skin.” There are also spray-on options that some patients love.

Take Off Your Makeup Every Night

Makeup can be a major cause of blemishes. It mixes with natural oils and impurities to clog pores and cause pimples. Makeup may also trap floating free radicals from your surroundings against your skin. It’s absolutely necessary that you remove all that gunk every night – no matter how tired you are. Some women overcome the urge to skip washing by cleansing their faces as soon as they’re home for the day. Have makeup removing wipes on hand, especially when traveling. You can keep some next to your bed so that you have no excuse to leave makeup on, even after you’ve flopped into bed.

Shower Responsibly

Showering is a dangerous time for your skin. All that hot water strips the skin of moisture and natural oils, and this is especially damaging for those with dry skin. Be sure to moisturize as quickly as possible after your showers – at the very least within 3 minutes of getting out. Also pat your skin dry instead of rubbing it to prevent irritation and keep it a little damp (this is a good thing – the moisturizers can trap this dampness in the skin to keep it hydrated). Keep a bottle of lotion in the shower so that it’s your first priority!

Drink Plenty of Water

We’re pretty much universally dehydrated. With coffee, diet soda, and energy drinks as the daytime beverages of choice, water falls by the wayside. Although some of those drinks count toward your daily water intake, some are also dehydrating, so you don’t get the full benefits. Water it’s a key factor in building happy, healthy skin. Different authorities have a wide variety of answers as to exactly how much water you should be imbibing each day. The Institute of Medicine recommends that women get 9 cups per day.

Exfoliate on Schedule

Get exfoliation into your weekly routine, and you’ll see the benefits. You can use scrubs, pads, a cloth, or anything else that works for you. By age 30, an adult’s skin takes up to 28 days to fully replenish. Exfoliation helps that process along and reveals fresh, healthy skin.

Get Facials Regularly

Facials offer deep cleansing, moisturizing, delivery of anti-aging topicals, and professional advice on home care. Get on a regular schedule for best results – just ask your aesthetician what they recommend.

Stay Consistent

Be patient – keep at your new skincare regimen! Results won’t be immediate and changing things up too quickly could aggravate your skin.

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