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5 Most Popular MedSpa Treatments for Men

December 27, 2022

Attractive man with great hair and skin.

Medspa treatments are not just for women anymore. In fact, we don’t know where that idea came from. We all want to look better and feel more confident, so why shouldn’t men jump at the chance?

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are more varied and effective than ever. And more men are taking advantage of the benefits of these cutting-edge technologies.

Keep reading to find out which treatment options are becoming increasingly popular for men seeking to improve their appearance, their confidence, and their lives.

PRP Hair Restoration

When men think about thinning hair or male pattern baldness, they tend to believe they have three choices: topical treatments, hair plugs, or just living with it. But there is another option. PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is a solution with highly concentrated growth factors that are easily derived from a sample of your own blood. When injected into the treatment area, PRP triggers the body’s natural healing processes. This stimulates hair follicles, improves circulation, and promotes new hair growth. In addition, PRP hair restoration therapy is fast, minimally invasive, and effective for many patients.

Laser Hair Removal

While many men want to encourage hair growth on their heads, there are some places on the body we wish had less hair. Laser hair removal is an excellent option for both men and women, although it is common for men to choose different treatment areas. For example, men often opt for laser hair removal on the chest, back, shoulders, ears, and between the eyebrows. Men also opt for laser hair removal in the beard, particularly those who suffer from ingrown hairs.

Emsculpt Neo

If you have ever considered non-surgical fat reduction, look no further than Emsculpt Neo. This treatment is truly cutting-edge and ideal for men. Emsculpt Neo combines radiofrequency energy to eliminate fat cells and tighten skin with HIFEM+ technology to build muscle. Studies show that with this one treatment protocol, patients can experience an average 30% reduction in fat plus a 25% growth in muscle volume. By inducing up to 20,000 muscle contractions in one 30-minute treatment (yes – the equivalent of 20,000 reps), you can do more in a few short sessions than you would be able to accomplish in months at the gym.


Men experience wrinkles too, so why not treat them? Botox and Dysport are neuromodulators that relax the facial muscles responsible for causing and exacerbating wrinkles. An experienced injector can help you to subtly look younger and more energetic by smoothing lines and wrinkles in the forehead, around the eyes, or between the eyebrows.

ILP Photofacial

An ILP Photofacial is not what you typically think of when you imagine a facial. This treatment involves Intense Pulsed Light therapy to improve the appearance of skin from the inside out. It can treat aging, weathered-looking skin that may be a result of years of sun damage. Since men are far less likely to wear daily sun protection, particularly on the face, the resulting damage can significantly impact aging, making the ILP Photofacial an ideal treatment for men.

Bonus: Dermatology

Our dermatology services set Radiance Skincare & Laser Medspa apart from other medspas. Our providers can assess a variety of skin concerns, including:

  • Skin tags
  • Milia
  • Sebaceous hyperplasia
  • Cherry angioma
  • Seborrheic keratosis
  • Dermatosis papuloso nigra
  • Actinic keratosis
  • Spider Veins
  • Acne

What Are You Waiting For?

These treatments are becoming more and more popular for men and are just a few of the procedures we offer. If you are not sure what treatment is right for you but you know that you want to look and feel better, we offer a state-of-the-art digital complexion analysis to help identify skin issues at a deeper level.

If you are interested in more satisfaction with your appearance and the confidence that comes along with it, why wait? Schedule a consultation today.