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From Chelsea Handler to Charlize Theron, there’s one Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment that your favorite celebrities use as their secret weapon to always being red carpet ready. Fraxel laser has gained attention from many celebrities and non-celebrities alike who swear by the rejuvenating effects and exceptional results. Achieve incredible results for yourself by learning more…

Smooth, Sexy Skin From Head to Toe Thanks To Laser Hair Removal
September 10, 2019

Achieve smooth, sexy skin faster than you ever thought possible with GentleMax Pro laser hair removal. This powerful, yet gentle treatment removes hair up to 4 times faster with dramatically increased comfort due to its patented dynamic cooling system. GentleMax Pro creates a permanent way to remove unwanted body hair for all skin tones, and…


  In the past, the only way to address problems caused by facial skin laxity was invasive and extensive facelift surgery. However, not every patient needs or wants to commit to a surgical procedure to lift and tighten their skin. Thread lifts can bridge the gap between noninvasive facial rejuvenation and facelift surgery by providing…

The Hidden Dangers of Botox Parties 
August 15, 2019

Botox parties are currently trending due to the convenience, and fun-atmosphere they create. However, local health officials are issuing stern warnings regarding the hazards of women and men accepting Botox injections in a non-medical office environment. The guest that often goes unnoticed at a Botox party is a hidden danger.   What Is a Botox…


Ultherapy is a skin-tightening treatment that uses high-intensity ultrasound energy to deliver heat deep into the skin. This unique treatment can lift, tighten, and tone sagging skin on the face and around the eyes, as well as on the neck and chest. The treatment results in a visible lift and improvement in skin laxity, overall…


Aging skin can cause anyone to lose their confidence. It’s understandable to be self-conscious over wrinkles, sunspots, and loose skin; however, your skin concerns aren’t out of your control completely. Stop covering up your flaws and start to love your complexion again with help from skin lifting treatments that really work. What Do Collagen and…

Fight Back Against Hair Loss With PRP Hair Treatment
June 21, 2019

Hair loss can happen to anyone, regardless of age or gender. Most patients begin to notice an increase in hair loss once they see shedding and when their hair growth can’t keep up with replacing the lost hair. PRP hair treatment is a natural way to fight back against hair loss with your very own…

Father’s Day Med Spa Gift Guide
June 20, 2019

Make this year’s Father’s Day gift one dad will never forget by giving the gift of relaxation. Incorporating a few of our top treatments for men into your holiday weekend plans will ensure that the dad in your life will feel as special as he is to your family.   Here is the perfect medical…


Silhouette InstaLift is a simple and minimally invasive procedure that uses advanced suspension technology to lift deep layers of your skin and re-contour your face and neck instantly. Address volume loss through long-term collagen production with the InstaLift process.   Silhouette InstaLift Simplified Silhouette InstaLift is the only treatment that combines lifting and regeneration in…


You wouldn’t allow your hairdresser to cut your hair with their eyes closed, so why allow clinicians to “blindly” perform skin treatments that way? The Ulthera system is the only non-invasive device that enables clinicians to see precisely where they are treating under the skin’s surface. Ulthera is a non-surgical treatment designed to tighten facial…

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