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The Top 5 Misconceptions About Skincare
March 31, 2019

In a world that feels as if everyone is a skincare expert (except for you), it can be difficult to know where to turn for trustworthy advice. Unfortunately, much of what is found on the internet, or even from a friend can be fueled by someone’s efforts to sell you a specific brand or product…

10 “Healthy” Foods That Could Be Causing Your Wrinkles
March 21, 2019

Although wrinkles may be a normal part of the aging process, your diet can speed up the timeline. If you have started to notice wrinkles popping up around the eyes, forehead, and mouth, you may benefit from changing your diet. Taking a look at your lifestyle choices can help to answer the question of where…

The Two Types of Wrinkles – And When Botox Can Help
March 3, 2019

Life is full of smiles, frowns, surprises, and other expressions. After all, emotions are part of being who we are. The problem? Those same expressions tend to cause us some wrinkles along the way. While it may not be possible to avoid wrinkles altogether, understanding what type of wrinkles you have is the first step…

Get Full, Kissable Lips By Valentine’s Day
February 16, 2019

Many of your favorite celebrities have plumped up their lips, and lip augmentation has quickly become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. If you think enhancing your natural lips is just for the rich and famous, think again. Injecting a dermal filler into the lips is a quick and easy way to make your…

In-Flight Skin Travel Tips For Jetsetters
January 28, 2019

There is much preparation that goes into traveling. From hotel and airfare bookings to skincare treatments, you’ve worked hard to ensure you have the perfect vacation. Don’t let months of cosmetic preparations to go waste. Staying fresh and beautiful in the confined space of an airplane for several hours can be difficult. Use these skin…

8 Ways To Prevent Wrinkles While You Sleep
January 20, 2019

Crawling under the covers for a well-deserved full night of beauty sleep is a must for recharging your body after a long day. But are you finding yourself waking up the next morning to “pillow face,” with creases and folds from the position in which you slept in the night before? The second cause of…

Day Spa Vs. Medical Spa – Can You Spot the Difference?
December 20, 2018

Going for a good spa day can be a great way to de-stress while rejuvenating your mind, body, and skin. For many, determining whether you should book your treatments at a traditional day spa or a medical spa can lead to a bit of confusion. This article will help to explain some of the key…

Beauty Sleep: It’s a Real Thing!
December 18, 2018

The quality and length of sleep you receive every night can have a profound impact on your skin’s overall health and appearance. When we sleep, our bodies can recharge. During sleep, our body and skin can heal, restore and eliminate toxins from the skin. If you’re missing out on quality sleep, the chances are your…

Getting Rid of Your Turkey Neck For Good
November 29, 2018

Is the skin on your neck beginning to droop and sag? For many of us, developing a “turkey neck” is a frustration because it can be nearly impossible to correct it through diet and exercise. In many cases, a sagging neck can add years to a person’s appearance. Undergoing plastic surgery to tighten sagging neck…

8 Reasons Why Cold Weather Is Actually Good For Your Skin
November 17, 2018

Winter weather can be especially damaging on your skin. Dropping humidity levels and a lack of moisture in the air can leave your skin looking dull, dry and flaky. However, winter weather isn’t all bad. There are actually some perks to those biting winds and cooler temperatures. Cold weather can help your skin and fight…

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