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Wheaton spider veins treatment

Spider Veins

If you have pale skin, it’s common to see veins showing through the surface. But when those veins cluster or form distracting spots, they become a problem. Spider veins mar the skin with red, blue, or purple tones. No matter the cause of your visible veins, light-based treatments will help break up discoloration and minimize vein visibility.

Reasons Veins Show Through Skin

  • Fair complexion
  • Veins too close to the skin’s surface (common for veins in legs)
  • Thin frame without adequate body fat
  • Aging, as the fat layer thins and shows veins through the skin
  • Smoking
  • Hormonal birth control
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy, when blood volume increases and the vein network expands
  • Heart disease
  • Stress

Identifying Spider Veins

These veins are some of the most prominent visible veins, and therefore the most often treated. Spider veins tend to appear on the face and legs, and can be red, blue, or purple. Visible veins are a common problem, with around 55% of women reporting some kind of vein-related concern. They are often genetic, in which case there’s not much patients can do to avoid them. Certain habits also increase the risk of spider veins, like those listed above.

Simple Spider Vein Treatment

Patients don’t have to turn to more involved treatment methods like surgery. Instead, simple laser treatments can clear up veins and unveil unmarred skin.

The excel V laser will help improve the appearance of veins and other discoloration on your skin. Laser energy targets hemoglobin within veins. Once the laser energy reaches the vein, it destroys the blood vessel walls, shrinking the target vein and hiding it beneath the skin.

If laser treatment isn’t right for your spider veins, we also offer sclerotherapy.

Contact us today to learn more about whether laser vein treatment is right for the spider veins you’re hoping to conceal.