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Facial Volume Loss

What makes a youthful appearance? The combination of glowing skin, round cheeks, and an unlined face is powerful. But the gradual loss of facial volume can interfere with each of those youth-boosting visuals. As time passes and we age, we lose some roundness from our faces – whether we like it or not. Fortunately, adding volume back can be as simple as an injection.

Causes of Volume Loss

Volume is lost both superficially and from deeper layers of the skin. The cause is a little different for everyone, but is usually a combination of these factors:

  • Cycles of weight gain and loss – On-and-off dieting can lead to repetitive weight gain and weight loss. Continually going through this cycle can break down the skin’s connective tissues and thin out facial fat.
  • Sun exposure – UV rays break down collagen and elastin, and exacerbate signs of aging.
  • Hormonal fluctuations – Certain hormones trigger fat loss. The lower levels of estrogen present during menopause are associated with thinning fat tissues.
  • Thin frame – If you already have a thin frame and face, you’re likely to see the fat that is present in your cheeks shrinking as you age.
  • Loss of bone mass – Aging involves a natural reduction of bone tissue in the face. Muscles also atrophy to some degree, leading the cheekbones to look partially collapsed.

Boost Cheeks, Enhance Lips, and Regain Curves

If your face is looking severe due to angular lines and sharp cheeks, dermal fillers will bring back softness. The wide array of fillers available at Radiance Medspa will accommodate your skin’s unique needs. Whether you’d like to gently enhance your lips, smooth lines on either side of the mouth, or give your cheeks a subtle lift, there’s a filler that fits. Simply get in touch to learn which one it might be.