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Pricing Estimates

How Much Will My Treatment Cost?

If you are currently researching aesthetic procedures, you may have noticed that pricing information is missing from majority of practice websites. This is not that we want to hide the cost of procedures from you, the primary reason often cost comes down to variability; the exact cost of an individual’s treatment may vary based on their specific needs and desired results. There are several treatment options available to treat all skin types and concerns, what may work best for one person may not be the best option for you depending on your skin type and severity of correction.

Radiance always recommends setting up a consultation with our skin care professionals to assess and discuss your treatment plan. All pricing is customized to your specific needs while keeping your desired budget in mind.

We also offer financing plans, including 6 months of interest free financing, to help make treatment fit your monthly budget. Apply online to see if you prequalify!

Below you will find a starting price point to some of our aesthetic procedures. Remember the best and only way to know exact cost is to schedule a consultation.

  • Laser Skin Resurfacing: $375+
  • Skin tightening: $900+
  • Fat Reduction: $600+
  • Laser Hair Removal: $99+
  • MicroNeedling $395+
  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation $150+ [This includes Collagen Therapy, Spider Vein Removal, Pigmented Lesion Removal, Cherry Hemangioma Removal]
  • Facials, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels: $89+

Botox / Dysport Cost

Dysport and Botox treatments are priced per the number of units used during the procedure. On average a minimum of 20 units will be administered during a treatment. These are a couple of factors that influence the number of units a patient will need:

  • The strength of the facial muscles
  • The number of areas to be treated
  • Metabolism (Individuals with higher metabolism levels will need more units)
  • Gender (Men typically have larger facial muscles and require more Botox units)

Cost of Dermal Fillers

The cost of dermal filler is dependent upon the filler and the number of syringes used to achieve desired results.

If you have any pricing questions, just get in touch!