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The ULift

While injectables can offer excellent results, these changes are temporary. A few months pass, and you need to schedule your next filler, Botox or Dysport appointment to get back your youthful look. What about a long-term way to unlock your skin’s full potential?

eye tightening results

Meet the ULift

Discover noninvasive technologies that deliver long-term anti-aging – from the inside out. By receiving treatments that stimulate your own collagen, you can capitalize on the results for years to come. Lift skin, smooth lines, enhance volume and get naturally youthful. We call this proprietary approach to natural-looking anti-aging the ULift. It’s guided by a collagen evaluation, so we know exactly where your collagen is and where you’d benefit from a boost.

See our own patients’ results:

before and after ultherapy

Before and 14 months after Ultherapy for the lower face/upper neck

before and after ultherapy

Before and after Ultherapy for the lower face and full neck

before and after ultherapy

Before, 2 months after and 6 months after Ultherapy for the full face and full neck

What Makes the ULift Different

Radiance Skincare & Laser Medspa is unique in our collagen-enhancing capabilities. Our collection of anti-aging technologies and 15 years of experience allows us to create a tailored treatment plan that perfectly suits each patient’s needs.

There are very few providers in the Western Chicago suburbs that can provide this type of experience. We pride ourselves on assisting our clients in aging naturally and gracefully – and seeing years of comprehensive results.

We have achieved top-tier status with a variety of noninvasive technologies, due to our providers’ advanced training and the volume of successful treatments we perform. Our office has achieved Ultra+ status with Ultherapy and is in fact the only provider in the Western Chicago suburbs and one of only 2 providers in all of Illinois to reach this tier.

infographic about the ulift treatment process

How does the ULift work?

The ULift is ultrasound-guided. What does this mean? We use ultrasound to view areas of collagen and fat beneath the skin. This gives us a precise guide for skin tightening, lifting & contouring treatments. Your results will naturally enhance your skin and deliver gradual anti-aging that suits your personal features – because they are guided by your own collagen production.

What steps will be involved in the process?

Each ULift is unique. Your provider will determine the ideal treatment options based on the amount and location of collagen and fat in key areas of your face.

  1. Consultation – The provider will access your needs and evaluate your skin condition to determine the best treatment or combination of treatments needed to provide optimal results. Customized promotional pricing will be discussed.
  2. Ultrasound guided planning – If it is not clear as to which skin tightening option would be best, the provider may recommend an Ultrasound analysis of the skin.
  3. In the event that Ultherapy is recommended, prior to initiating the treatment, the provider will use ultrasound to plan out the treatment for each area.
  4. Treatment – Light medication to take the “edge” off the discomfort of the treatment may be prescribed. It is not required. Skin tightening/lifting treatment times will vary depending on the procedure being performed and size of the area being treated.
  5. Followups – Once treatment is completed, we ask our clients to come back for post-treatment pictures 3,6,9, and 12 months. During the post-picture appointments, the provider can recommend any additional treatments the client may be interested in to improve on the results.
  6. Results – Collagen stimulation starts as soon as the procedure is performed; however, it takes time for the collagen to mature and for visible results to be appreciated. Be patient as your results begin to appear and ask your provider if you have any questions.

What treatment(s) will my ULift include?

Your ULift may involve a single treatment or a combination of treatments. Your provider will discuss your options and what might work best for your needs at your consultation. Our collagen-enhancing treatments include:

How much will my ULift cost?

The ULift is an investment into your future and a long-term solution for anti-aging. While your treatment will be accompanied by a higher price tag than injectables, the results are proportionate to your investment. With injections alone, you’ll see your results fading within months. With the ULift, you’ll see results lasting for years to come.

We do everything possible to make treatment affordable for our patients. We will offer a customized treatment plan at your consultation so that you are able to receive the treatments that will best suit your needs, on your budget.