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Pro-Nox Conscious Sedation

While noninvasive treatments offer a simpler process than surgery, there’s one key difference – you’ll be awake during the procedure, without general anesthesia. This understandably holds some people back from pursuing their ideal treatments – which means they miss out on amazing results. We’re excited to offer our clients a new way to experience comfortable, painless and anxiety-free treatment. Pro-Nox™ is conscious sedation that consists of a 50/50 blend of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen. It has the additional advantage of being totally self-administered, meaning that our clients have control over their comfort throughout the procedure.

How does Pro-Nox work?

  1. The Pro-Nox system combines an equal mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide.
  2. Pro-Nox is similar to nitrous oxide, which many of us have received at the dentist’s.
  3. The difference is that patients hold the handpiece during their treatment and breathe in through their mouth, rather than breathing through a nosepiece.
  4. Patients are able to fully self-administer, providing near-immediate relief for discomfort or anxiety as it arises.
  5. Our staff is specially trained in Pro-Nox to assist with any questions along the way.

Watch patients using Pro-Nox during their procedures:

YouTube video

What will I feel like while sedated?

Pro-Nox takes effect extremely quickly, allowing you to receive relief right away. Within several breaths, patients experience a sense of calm and euphoria wash over them. Any discomfort or anxiety related to the procedure fades. The effects wear off similarly quickly, allowing patients to return to their days without a sedation-related recovery period. You’re even able to drive yourself home afterward – no need to bring a sedation buddy for a ride. All effects fade within 10-15 minutes of inhalation.

Most Pro-Nox patients report up to 85% of their pain/anxiety is relieved. This is a game-changer for many noninvasive treatments.

Which treatments is sedation available for?

Pro-Nox is appropriate for a range of cosmetic procedures that typically have some level of discomfort associated with treatment. At Radiance, we’ve found Pro-Nox most helpful when accompanying:

Is Pro-Nox safe?

Yes – Pro-Nox is FDA-cleared and is in use in over 5,500 offices. It is used in both medical and cosmetic applications and is even used during labor. Because Pro-Nox does not cause patients to fall asleep, lose consciousness, or have lasting effects, it is safe for many applications and patients.

What have patient experiences been like?

“I add it to any of my laser or microneedling treatments and it makes my whole experience just that much better!” – Diana

“I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use and how quickly it took effect.” – Liz

“I figured I was a pretty tough person since I had a few painful treatments before, but once I tried Pro-Nox I decided I would never go without it! Why endure even a little pain, when you just breathe in a few times and all that discomfort is gone! 100% recommend to all my friends looking to have anything done.” – Shannon

How much does Pro-Nox cost?

Receiving Pro-Nox during your procedure will add a cost of between $75-125 depending on the procedure length. Our clients typically feel that this is an easy decision and that relieving pain and anxiety is more than worth the small additional cost. Let us know if you have any questions about pricing specifics for your procedure.

Am I a good candidate?

If you’re receiving a procedure that you’re feeling any level of anxiety about or would like to ensure that you have a comfortable experience, Pro-Nox could be a great accompaniment. Just ask our staff about Pro-Nox to learn what will be involved in adding it to your treatment process.