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We all know those dimples and bumps that mar thighs, hips and backsides. Cellulite is a widespread concern that affects countless men and women. But while it may be common, cellulite isn’t something you have to force yourself to get used to. This condition causes personal frustration and a drop in confidence, leading those affected to carefully cover the problem areas and hold back from revealing clothing or swimwear. Smoothing out cellulite will help you love your skin, shape, and body.

What is Cellulite?

Strands of collagen connect your skin to internal tissue layers. Fat cells are located within these connecting areas, in small compartments. When these cells grow in size, the compartments bulge outward, leading to dimples on the skin. If the collagen strands stretch, retract, or break, that also impacts cellulite formation.

Cellulite Causes – What to Watch for

There are certain contributing factors that are impossible to avoid, like genetics, your metabolism, aging, and hormonal fluctuations. But others can be controlled to help prevent cellulite, including:

  • A diet rich in fresh produce and fiber
  • Daily hydration
  • Regular exercise to tone muscles and strengthen bones
  • A consistent weight (no cycles of weight gain and loss)
  • Not smoking

What about existing cellulite? Because the fat cells are deep within the tissue, many cellulite treatments are ineffective. Weight loss, exercise, massages, topical agents, supplements, and surgery don’t actually resolve existing cellulite, and liposuction may make it even worse.

Cellulite Treatment that Really Works

If so many treatments are inadequate, what can you do to make a difference? Thermage is our answer to irritating cellulite and dimpled skin. This safe, effective, single-session treatment delivers heat deeply into the skin, affecting the hard-to-reach layers and collagen strands responsible for cellulite. Controlled heating of the dermis tightens and firms skin, with new collagen adding elasticity. Blood flow through the tissue increases, further improving cellulite.

Thermage is FDA-approved for the reduction of cellulite, and could be right for you. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

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