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Wheaton brown spots treatment

Brown Spots

While brown spots may seem innocuous as they form throughout your life, many of us reach a point where we’re no longer willing to put up with our freckles and dark patches. Clusters of brown spots can change your facial appearance, and detract from your features. Ongoing spot production leads to disrupted skin tone and a cloudy complexion. With simple, light-based treatments, you can regain your youthful visage and fight back against sun damage.

Cause of Dark Spots on the Skin

Brown spots come by many names – liver spots, age spots, sun spots, and even solar lentigines. But they tend to emerge from the same source: sunlight. UV in the sun’s rays triggers the production of melanin. The more sun exposure an area of the skin receives, the more likely it is to form spots. This is why brown spots typically cluster on the face, hands, arms, shoulders, back, and décolletage.

Brown Spot Treatments

Depending on your skin and your age spots, one treatment may be better than another. For brown spots that were caused by sun damage, an IPL photofacial is typically an excellent option. After sessions with intense pulsed light, the spots will gently flake away, leaving behind unmarked skin. For red spots that might be caused by visible veins or by rosacea, we may recommend laser skin resurfacing or a chemical peel.

We won’t know what’s best until we’ve examined your skin and discussed your needs. Get started by scheduling a consultation today.