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Best Ways to Eliminate a Stubborn Double Chin

before and after images showing Kybella double chin treatment progression
Constantly covering up your neck with scarves? Terrified of being caught in profile in a photo? Spend months dieting and exercising, only to find that your chin is still larger than you’d like? Countless people struggle with a double chin. In a 2015 American Society for Dermatologic Surgery survey, 67% of the participants said they were bothered by submental fullness. This means that just as many people dislike their chin as do fine lines and wrinkles. But not all resign themselves to a chin that saps their confidence.

Today’s double chin treatment options are extensive, and there’s one that will perfectly suit your needs. How do you figure out exactly what that is? Research, reflection, and professional guidance. Get started on those first two steps with our double chin primer below. And schedule a complimentary consultation to talk treatments – and take advantage of our October jawline sculpting specials. Don’t put up with a profile that makes feel anything less than beautiful.

 Double Chin Causes

You may feel particularly frustrated if you’re generally slim, but have a layer of fat beneath the chin. This is more common than you might expect. A series of factors play into submental fullness, and while weight gain is one of them, it’s by no means the primary cause.

  • Weight – Subcutaneous fat gathers directly under the skin and gradually sags over time. Those carrying extra weight on their frames are more likely to see a double chin because of the additional fatty tissue.
  • Age – Aging has a slew of negative effects on the skin, and the area under the chin is not immune. Internal scaffolding structures and support systems like collagen and elastin cause the face and neck to sag downwards. Wrinkles form around the chin, making fat in the area more noticeable. The muscles in the chin also weaken, releasing some of their hold on the skin.
  • Genetics – If your relatives tend to develop submental fullness, you’re likely to follow suit. This is likely true whether or not you’re overweight. Genetic factors impact the way your body stores fat, and where.

While it is largely an aesthetic concern, a double chin may also be linked to several health conditions. It may intensify sleep apnea, making it more difficult to breathe while sleeping and keep the airway open. Weak muscles in the chin and neck which worsen a double chin can also lower the position of the hyoid bone, the bone which anchors the tongue. This makes it more difficult to swallow and brings accompanying health risks. If you feel that your double chin is impacting your daily life or activities, see your doctor.

 Treating a Double Chin at Home – Diet & Exercise Tips

It is possible to reduce submental fullness at home. Remember that results won’t be as dramatic as if you receive professional double chin treatment.

  • Follow a low-fat diet – Tailor your daily eating to be low in saturated fat, trans fats, cholesterol, and sugar. These bad guys cause fatty deposits to build up throughout the body, and have an overall negative impact on your health. No more than 10% of your daily diet should come from saturated fat – choose lean proteins over beef and pork and try to limit dairy consumption. Choose foods high in monounsaturated fat for your fatty intake – oily fish, nuts, and olive oil are all good options. As always, prioritize whole grains as well as fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Exercise regularly – Perform regular cardiovascular exercise, choosing activities that raise your heart rate and tone your muscles. If possible, get an hour of exercise every day.
  • Perform chin and neck-specific stretches – Try some muscle-strengthening exercises for your chin and neck. Chew on air in a gulping motion, push on your forehead to experience neck resistance, or tilt your head back and hold the position for 10 seconds at a time. Repeat these throughout the day – they’re easy to do anywhere, including your desk.

Professional Double Chin Treatment Yields Best Results

If you’re ready to truly leave your double chin behind, in-office treatments will help you accomplish your goals. There’s now a collection of treatment for submental fullness available – to learn which is best for you, speak with a provider.

Radiance Skincare & Laser Medspa is proud to offer two distinct double chin treatments:

  • Kybella – A relatively new option, approved by the FDA in 2015, Kybella improves moderate to severe fat beneath the chin. A series of injections of synthetic deoxycholic acid breaks down and absorbs fat in the area, reducing chin size and shaping the jawline. Kybella is exclusively for the double chin and brings impressive results like those seen in the before and after photo at the top of the page – view Kybella before and afters to get an idea of what it can accomplish. Patients are numbed before injections so that the experience is painless. There may be 2-3 days of bruising or swelling after the first treatment, but this improves with subsequent sessions.
  • Ultherapy – Ultherapy tightens skin with the use of ultrasound energy delivered deep within the skin. This pulls loose skin up and back, reducing lines around the chin and minimizing submental fullness. Depending on your chin, a combination of Kybella and Ultherapy may produce the precise slimming you’re seeking.

Ready to learn more? Reach out today for a consultation, and get back a jawline you love to bare.