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The 5 Best Body Areas for Skin Resurfacing

Woman touching neck with smooth even skin.

Laser skin resurfacing can transform your skin. Resurfacing lasers reach deeper than surface treatments, such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels, to uncover smoother, more even, and younger-looking skin.

And did you know that laser skin resurfacing can be used just about anywhere on the body? While the face is a popular choice, there are many other areas that can benefit from this treatment.

What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing is a simple and quick procedure that involves minimal discomfort and downtime. An advanced laser uses light energy to heat the layers of the skin, remove damage and hyperpigmentation, and activate collagen production. Laser skin resurfacing can improve the appearance of:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Creping
  • Sun damage
  • Age spots
  • Acne and other scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Birthmarks
  • Uneven complexion or poor skin tone

Why Consider Other Body Parts?

Laser treatment for other body parts can be a great choice since we tend to use many skin care products on the face and can easily cover many imperfections with makeup; this is not the case on several other body areas. Plus, some issues, such as stretch marks and creping, are even more common in these places.

Hands (and Arms)

The hands are a popular choice for laser skin resurfacing because they can show signs of age. Our hands work hard and are frequently exposed to the sun and other harsh conditions. This means they can age faster than other areas of the body. And unless you wear gloves all of the time, they are frequently on display. Age spots, sun damage, and creping are just some of the issues we see.

before and after fraxel for hands

Laser skin resurfacing can take years off your hands, smoothing skin and evening the color of your skin. This makes the hands an ideal choice for laser skin resurfacing treatment. And if the signs of aging or sagging skin don’t stop at your wrists, laser skin resurfacing can be used anywhere on the arms.


This area includes the neck and chest, and, like the hands, it is frequently exposed to the elements, especially in the warm summer months. The upper chest can often show signs of aging, particularly age spots and splotchy discoloration that can result from years of sun damage. Similarly, the skin on the neck often sags with age, and wrinkles appear over time. We may splurge on a diligent skincare routine with our face and even our hands, but this area is often neglected.

before and after fraxel

Laser skin resurfacing can be the answer. By smoothing the skin and reversing hyperpigmentation, you can feel confident and sexy showing some (younger-looking) skin.


After childbirth, weight loss, or just as a result of passing years, the skin on your stomach may not be what it once was. Stretch marks and loose skin are the most common complaints, and they can be addressed with laser skin resurfacing treatment.

Before and after Fraxel + Thermage

When it comes to loose skin, laser skin resurfacing offers a cheaper, less invasive option than surgery. And, of course, a tummy tuck does not help with discoloration such as stretch marks, so skin resurfacing is a better choice.


Curvaceous glutes are in high demand, but no amount of squats a the gym can banish stretch marks, acne scars, and other skin tone imperfections.


Like other areas of the body, laser skin resurfacing can be a game changer for this region. If, however, your concern is cellulite, another common issue in the buttocks and thighs, other treatments are available. A combination approach may even be an option to get the perfect derriere.


Legs, and especially the thigh and hip areas, are an excellent choice for laser skin resurfacing. As with the buttocks, stretch marks are a common concern. In addition, the inner thighs can be prone to sagging skin and creping. Laser skin resurfacing can give you smoother, more beautiful skin on your thighs, hips, or anywhere on your legs.

Find Out if Laser Skin Resurfacing is Right for You

We offer different options for laser skin resurfacing treatment on multiple body parts, as well as other treatment options for a broad range of anti-aging results. Schedule an advanced digital complexion analysis today to find out which treatment is right for you.