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Why Your Smartphone Causes Premature Aging

woman experiencing premature aging as a consequence of smartphone useYour smartphone is your center for communication, geographical guidance, and the answer to the pop culture tidbit you’ve been arguing over at dinner. But along with all that help come some less-than-desirable side effects of craning your head over a phone screen. Smartphone use is starting to result in a noticeable, widespread impact on premature aging.

Your skin doesn’t react well to many aspects of screen culture. Do yourself a favor by paying attention to what your skin is telling you. Pursue anti-aging skin care to counteract the damaging changes detailed below. And, as always, try to take a break from a screen when possible. Get up, stretch, take a quick walk, and you’ll return to your work refreshed!

 Skin Concerns Stemming from Your Smartphone

  • Neck lines – Heard of “tech neck”? This term refers to the tendency for ongoing craning of the neck and head to increase wear and skin damage on the neck. Your neck skin is delicate, and requires even more care than facial skin. But the neck typically receives less care because it’s less prominent and often overlooked. With your 10-12 pound head inclined toward your phone throughout the day, the skin can’t fight back. You’re likely to see a loss of elasticity on the neck and the formation of premature lines. For those concerned with sagging necks, Ultherapy is a great option for gentle lifting and tightening.
  • Acne – The “phone zone,” the area stretching from your temple to your chin that meets your phone screen when you’re talking, is exposed to oil, dirt, and bacteria. This can lead to acne and irritation in the area, as well as enlarged, clogged pores. Be sure to clean your phone regularly with an antibacterial wipe (or use the speakerphone when possible). Get in touch for acne-fighting treatments that suit your needs.
  • Crow’s feet – Many of us are guilty of squinting at our phone screens when we don’t have our glasses or the page we’re reading is undersized. This squinting leads to crow’s feet and other eye-area wrinkles. Laser skin resurfacing is an ideal way to improve existing fine lines and wrinkles, and Botox or Dysport will help stop new squint-related wrinkles from forming.
  • Bunny lines – These thin lines run up the sides of your nose, extending up toward the inner corners of your eyes. They can also be a result of squinting and neck craning, but you don’t have to put up with them. Botox treatment is a simple, quick way to treat localized wrinkles caused by muscle movement and facial expressions.

Feel like your phone (or one of life’s many other enemies to youthful skin) has you looking beyond your age? Contact us today to schedule a consultation. This month, we’re also offering special pricing on Botox and Dysport to make your injections as affordable as possible. Don’t wait!

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