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Can You Finance Medspa Treatments?

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Are you looking to change your life with body contouring, laser hair removal, or skin rejuvenation treatments? Getting a state-of-the-art cosmetic treatment is tempting, but we recognize that seeking these procedures from a high-quality facility you can trust might mean a significant investment.

Of course, many of these treatments can have lasting benefits, not the least of which is increased confidence and satisfaction with how you look. And it’s hard to put a price tag on how you feel about yourself.

We feel that everyone should have access to our treatments. This is why we want you to know that if you have been wondering about whether you can finance the cosmetic treatment of your dreams, the answer is yes!

Why Are Medspa Treatments So Pricey?

It’s true that some treatments may be more costly. The price of these procedures reflects the skill and experience of the professionals providing treatment, as well as the fact that we use cutting-edge equipment. However, keep in mind that medspa treatments are typically less invasive – and less expensive – than plastic surgery. Enter CareCredit, the best way to finance your cosmetic treatments.

What is CareCredit?

CareCredit is a special type of credit card that is available for medical procedures which are not covered by medical or dental insurance. The process is simple and accessible to most patients.

You start the CareCredit process by prequalifying for a card with some basic personal information (your name, household info, income, birth date, and social security number). Don’t worry; one thing that makes CareCredit different is that this part will have zero impact on your credit score, and a large range of credit levels are accepted.

Once you have been prequalified, you can apply for your CareCredit account. CareCredit will perform a credit inquiry, and your credit history will determine your ultimate credit limit. Once approved, you can pay for your procedure that same day (no need to wait for your card to arrive in the mail).

CareCredit Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Here are the answers to some common concerns.

Can I pay for part of my treatment myself and use CareCredit for the rest?

Absolutely! CareCredit is a great option if you can only afford part of your procedure’s cost upfront. Pay what you can out of pocket and use CareCredit for the rest.

How do I know if my provider accepts CareCredit?

You can simply reach out to your provider and ask, or you can search CareCredit’s online provider network.

What about interest and fees?

CareCredit offers short-term financing without interest. Different payment periods are available, from 6 to 24 months. You won’t pay interest or fees so long as you’re monthly payments are made on time, and your balance is paid by the end of the finance period. Late fees will apply if you miss a payment due date, and interest and fees will become due if you fail to pay your balance by the end of the term.

Can I Make My Monthly Payments Even Lower?

If you aren’t sure the monthly payments are in your budget, you can check CareCredit’s website to estimate what your payments will be. In case you need more time (meaning smaller payments), you have the option to choose a longer payment term with a low APR.

Am I a good candidate for CareCredit?

Because CareCredit offers zero-interest financing, features low APR when applicable, and accepts many levels of credit, it is a great option for lots of patients. Plus, if you make your payments on time, your CareCredit account can actually help build your credit!

It’s Time to Finance Your Medspa Treatments

You deserve to look and feel your best, and financing cosmetic treatments can help you achieve your goals without breaking the bank.

And now is a great time to use CareCredit! Initial purchases over $200 will qualify to receive a $50 gift card, and initial purchases over $1000 qualify for a $100 gift card. If you are ready to prequalify for your CareCredit account, start here. Still have questions? Contact our office so we can help you get the financing you need for your dream cosmetic procedure ASAP!