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Common Questions People Have About Ultherapy 

woman receiving ultherapy treatment

Ultherapy is quickly becoming one of the most commonly performed non-invasive procedures to lift and tighten loose and sagging skin. This non-surgical treatment uses ultrasound technology to deliver low levels of focused heat to the tissues immediately underneath the skin’s superficial layer.

Ultherapy is an excellent treatment for those looking for subtle skin rejuvenation and who do not yet require the kind of lift that more invasive procedures can provide. If you’re considering Ultherapy, be sure to ask your provider these questions at your consultation.

What Is Ultherapy Mini Lift?

The Ultherapy mini-lift is a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment designed to fight the signs of aging in our skin by stimulating the body’s natural collagen production. The collagen in our skin is what keeps it firm, toned, and elastic. As we age, our collagen levels decrease, causing the skin to lose elasticity and succumb to the effects of gravity. Ultherapy uses the safe power of ultrasound to trigger the skin to create new, fresh collagen that can prevent the skin from sagging.

The first step in researching if Ultherapy is the right treatment option for you is to collect answers to your questions before treatment.

Here are the most common questions our patients have during Ultherapy consultations.

Question: Is Ultherapy Painful?

Answer: The modern technology we use today makes Ultherapy very tolerable regarding how much pain is associated with the treatment. While a small percentage of patients may find the treatment uncomfortable, most find the procedure very tolerable.

Question: How Long Does Treatment Time Take?

Answer: A full face and neck treatment take 60-90 minutes, and a partial face or brow lift treatment can take around 30 minutes.

Question: Is There Any Downtime?

Answer: Whether you have a full or partial treatment, there is no downtime required post-treatment as Ultherapy is entirely non-invasive.

Question: How Long Until I See Results?

Answer: Patients may enjoy some initial results, but the ultimate lifting and toning will occur over 2-3 months after treatment, as aging collagen is replaced with new, more robust elastic collagen. As the collagen-building process continues, you will see results up to 6 months after a procedure.

Question: Are There Any Side Effects?

Answer: You may experience slight redness for up to an hour following treatment, and a small percentage of patients may have minor swelling, tingling, or tenderness to touch, but any potential side effects are mild and temporary.

Question: Is Ultherapy Safe?

Answer: The FDA has cleared the procedure after demonstrating safety in clinical studies, and over 100,000 treatments have been safely performed worldwide. In addition, ultrasound energy has a proven track record, with use in the field of medicine for more than 50 years.

Consider Your Skin Tightening Goals

If you’re experiencing frustrating wrinkles and loose skin, but you’re not interested in a more invasive treatment like a facelift that requires surgery and recovery time, Ultherapy may be an excellent option for you. Ultherapy can tighten skin with no downtime and give you the confidence to look like your old self again without dramatic results.

Ultherapy can help patients experiencing any of the following:

  • Lowered eyebrow line, with skin sagging towards the eyes
  • Loose skin on the neck
  • Sagging skin under the chin
  • Lines or deeper wrinkles on the chest

Are You a Good Ultherapy Candidate?

Many patients interested in gaining tighter skin are good Ultherapy candidates. If you have mild to moderate skin laxity, this treatment could be a great way to tighten your loose, sagging skin. Meeting with a provider to discuss whether Ultherapy is the right treatment option for your goals will grant you the clarity you need to make an educated decision.

To have a customized Ultherapy treatment plan designed to address your specific aesthetic goals, contact Radiance Skincare & Laser Medspa today.