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How Long Do Thermage Results Last?

Other than “does this actually work?” it’s the question on everyone’s lips when considering a new skin tightening treatment.

How long will the results stick around?

With the wide range of cosmetic treatments available, from injections to lasers to peels, it can be tough to keep all the numbers sorted out. And if you’re about to try non-invasive skin tightening for the first time, you definitely want to know whether it’s going to be worth the investment.

For our patients who are good candidates for Thermage, we definitely feel that treatment is worth the process and the price point.

But how long are your own results really going to last? We can’t be 100% certain as to the precise length, but we can definitely offer some general guidelines. Keep reading for more details on what Thermage patients typically experience, and why treatment results (spoiler) last as long as they do!

If you’ve been considering skin tightening, we offer several treatment options to accommodate patients with different levels of skin laxity. Just schedule a consultation to learn more about which treatment we recommend for your skin, and get detailed information as to what you can expect.

How Does Thermage Work?


Understanding the way treatment works clarifies the length of results. Thermage affects skin below the surface (it is non-ablative). This allows for both shorter downtime and longer-lived tighter skin.

Thermage delivers pulses of radiofrequency energy to the skin. It alternates pulses with cooling, so that the surface of the skin is not damaged and only deeper tissues are affected. The pulses heat collagen within the skin to change its structure and trigger new collagen development.

Right away, collagen strands begin shortening and thickening. This is because the heating process breaks down hydrogen bonds. The collagen fibers tighten up, leading to visible changes taking place in the skin within the first few weeks of the procedure.

Then, as time continues to pass, new collagen begins to grow. The skin produces new collagen, which boosts tightening and leads to longer-term results. The results will continue to take hold for about six months after treatment.

How Long Will Results Actually Last?

For most patients, results last at least two years.

This varies from person to person as we all age differently, and experience different rates of aging. Thermage does not stop the aging process, but it does slow it down for a period of time. Many patients receive another treatment between 1½ -2 years after their first procedure because they’d like to prolong the results.

There are both genetic and lifestyle factors that determine how long results will last. If you are careful to avoid sun exposure, moisturize appropriately, and generally take good care of your skin, you can preserve the results as long as possible.

Will Thermage Yield Ideal Results for My Skin?

Something that’s very important to consider with Thermage is whether you are a good candidate. Thermage offers natural-looking results that are definitely noticeable, but only for certain types of loose skin. If you are interested in drastic skin tightening for something like a turkey neck, Thermage may not be the best treatment option.

Thermage reliably offers the following changes –

  • Tighter skin with clearer contours
  • Lifted eyebrows, improving hooded eyelids and wrinkles around the eyes
  • Gentle improvements to loose skin on the jawline or neck
  • Reduced nasolabial folds
  • Improvements to scarring, especially from acne
  • Tighter skin on the abdomen, arms, thighs and behind

If these sound in line with your goals, reach out today to schedule your consultation.


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