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What Will My Ultherapy Results Be Like?


We all want firmer, more youthful-looking skin. That’s a pretty universal desire among women (and many men, too) – whether it’s all-consuming or just a nagging thought that comes up from time to time. What differs from person to person is how they choose to go about achieving this goal.

The thing is, results vary dramatically depending on the means of treatment. While creams can help with subtle improvements to fine lines, they’re never going to yield big changes for your skin.

What’s holding you back from trying nonsurgical skin tightening? Is it the cost? The uncertainty about whether the procedure will work? Fear of discomfort involved? Not knowing what you’ll  look like post-treatment? While we do everything possible to mitigate any patient concerns, there’s one of those questions that we can answer right away.

You can see an example of what your Ultherapy results might be like right now – wherever you’re reading this. Here’s how.

Visualize Your Ultherapy Results – On Your Own Face!

While technology may be constantly enriching our lives, we can’t tighten our skin through our phone screens just yet. But what we can do is create simulations of what skin tightening might be like – using our very own photos. If you’ve been curious about Ultherapy, we definitely encourage you to check this out – it’s pretty cool. Just visit the Ultherapy Visualizer to get started.

If you’d like to discuss your results, we’re here to help – schedule a consultation to take the first step toward firmer, more youthful skin.

Common Results for Ultherapy Patients

Something that’s always important to remember with Ultherapy is that results will not be immediate. The treatment triggers natural healing processes within your skin, and they take time to complete. Most patients see their results take hold fully within 2-3 months of their treatment.

Ultherapy can be used to treat many different areas of the body, including the face, brow, neck and chest. But patients who are good candidates for Ultherapy will see the best results, because they stand to benefit the most from this treatment method.

The Ideal Ultherapy Candidate’s Profile

  • Mild to moderate skin laxity – This is the biggest factor that dictates how impressive your results will be. Skin laxity is a fancy term for the looseness of your skin. When skin is loose, features sag downwards, changing your appearance. Wrinkles also form in the skin. If you notice your brow looking lower and skin falling over your eyelids, this indicates that Ultherapy could be ideal. Good candidates may also have loose skin on the neck, sagging skin under the chin, or lines on the chest due to wrinkled skin.
  • Comfortable waiting to see results – Everyone’s body is different. Because Ultherapy stimulates a natural response to ultrasound energy, you will be a little bit at the whim of your body while results take hold. This response dictates how dramatic your results will be, and how extensive your new collagen production. If you don’t see ideal results after one session, another treatment may be productive.
  • Invested in caring for their skin for years to come – If you continue to perform anti-aging measures on a regular basis, this will help your Ultherapy results remain and your skin to look refreshed for as long as possible.
Typical Ultherapy Timeline

Like we mentioned, it will take some time before changes begin taking hold in the skin. First, the skin will tighten gently as collagen production begins. Some patients notice a difference within the first few weeks.

But many patients won’t see a change until about two months after their Ultherapy session. The full results will take hold between 2-3 months, in most cases. At this point, the collagen-building process has fully taken hold and the skin reflects that.

If you’d like to schedule an Ultherapy consultation and learn more, reach out today.


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