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Wheaton stubborn fat treatment

Stubborn Fat

Dieting and exercise can lead to incredible results and personal transformations. But when it comes to spot-specific fat loss, even spending all day on the treadmill may not produce the changes you’re hoping for. Stubborn fat on problem areas like the stomach, upper arms, hips, backside, and thighs tends to cling to your body, resisting your best efforts to slim and tone.

It’s time to take a direct approach. Liposonix destroys target fat cells while leaving surrounding skin unharmed. The HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound) technology delivers ultrasound energy deep within the skin, increasing the temperature in the area. As subcutaneous adipose tissue is destroyed, the collagen around it contracts. The end result is reduced fat and tighter surrounding skin. Find a firmer, slimmer body and get rid of the love handles or muffin top that have been driving you crazy.

Liposonix Fat Reduction – Treatment Areas

  • Waist / Muffin top
  • Abdomen / Belly pooch
  • Flanks / Love handles

Since Liposonix is non-invasive and non-surgical, patients require no anesthesia and don’t have to worry about incisions or scars. And, unlike many other fat removal treatments, there’s only one session necessary to yield ideal results. Most patients see full results within 8-12 weeks, reducing their waists by one dress size or pant size.

Even better, because of the tightening effect of dermal heating, the skin in the area contracts to bounce back after fat loss. Liposonix treats the skin evenly and precisely, leaving skin that is smooth and dimple-free.

Exilis Ultra 360 – Spot-Treatment Fat Removal

Exilis Ultra before and after

Feeling limited by the treatment areas possible with Liposonix? We also offer patients treatment with a remarkably versatile device called the Exilis Ultra 360. This technology combines radio frequency and ultrasound energy to provide treatment that impacts the skin on multiple levels, from superficial to deep.

The Exilis Ultra stimulates collagen production to gently tighten, lift and smooth skin. It has the added benefit of being able to remove fat from problem areas. Some of the most popular areas treated with Exilis fat reduction include the abdomen, arms, buttocks and thighs. If there’s an area that’s been resisting diet and exercise, schedule a consultation to learn more about whether you might be a good candidate.

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