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Younger Looking Eyes – at 30, 40 and 50

woman applying skin cream under eyes.

When you think about it, our eyes are really set up for failure when it comes to premature aging. The skin around them is so, so delicate – more delicate than any other area of the face. And yet we abuse it on a daily basis with makeup, rubbing and so much more. Over time, that damage can lead to us looking permanently exhausted – no matter how much beauty sleep we’re getting.

What’s the solution? You’re not going to stop covering up dark circles and layering on eyeliner, and you shouldn’t have to. But you definitely want to pair your makeup efforts with some anti-aging energy – and it can be as simple as some new products in your home routine.

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Anti-Aging Eye Routines for Every Age

If you’re in your 30’s

This is when you’re most likely starting to notice signs of aging for the first time. Whether you’re noticing pigmentation manifesting as brown spots or splotches, dark circles under your eyes, fine lines, or changes to your skin texture, you want to find a solution.

Once you’re in your thirties, your cell turnover begins to slow down. Sun exposure, pregnancy, genetics, and other personal factors are starting to age the skin. To help combat this, you should make sure to exfoliate regularly. Find the exfoliation method that works best for your skin – it doesn’t have to be a fancy scrub; just a washcloth paired with a mild cleanser can make a difference. Pay attention to your skin’s response and adjust the exfoliating method if it’s getting too sensitive – and always be gentle around your eyes.

Skin may also start to feel dryer, so you want to be sure to replenish moisture (especially after all that exfoliating).

Those in their 30’s also benefit from products that will help renew and repair the thin skin around the eyes, which will thin further as they age. Use a niacinamide-, caffeine- or retinol-based cream or serum – ask your doctor for recommendations. Don’t use strong retinols or retinoid creams every day so that you don’t aggravate your skin, and always build up to a new regimen.

If you’re in your 40’s

Once you hit 40, you might notice dark circles under your eyes becoming more noticeable, especially if you’ve always had a darker tone to the under eye skin (unfortunately, dark circles can be genetic). There may also be deeper lines around the corners of your eyes, leading to you feeling like you always look tired, even after a solid night’s sleep.

At this point, retinol creams get a green light. You may benefit from an over the counter production or a stronger prescription retinoid – but check with your doctor before you start stocking up on products.

Why are retinoids mentioned by every skincare professional? Because they can help stimulate cell turnover to combat changes in texture and improve dark circles – as well as stimulate collagen production. Anything that slows the destruction of collagen is an anti-aging must, as this helps reduce volume loss (both today and in the future).

Any products or treatments that boost collagen can help improve dark circles under the eyes that may be caused by blood vessels showing through thinning skin. Look for eye creams that contain retinol or peptides.

You should also look for creams that contain antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E to help fight free radicals and give your SPF and extra boost.

If you’re in your 50’s

Continue doing everything mentioned above – and consider amping up your efforts with in-office treatments. Procedures like Ultherapy, laser skin resurfacing, cosmetic injections and facials will help you accomplish a wide variety of anti-aging goals for your eyes:

  • Lift and thicken skin – Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to trigger new collagen growth deep within the skin. This helps to thicken the skin around the eyes and also lifts the brow to improve drooping, sagging eye skin. Laser skin resurfacing will also offer similar benefits – and with a variety of laser treatments available, you can find the one that best corresponds with your age and your skin’s aging patterns.
  • Improve crow’s feet – If you have a habit of squinting, or if your skin tends to crinkle around your eyes when you laugh or smile, you’re seeing the effects on the upper half of your face. Cosmetic injections will help lessen these lines and smooth your skin with spot-specific treatment, so that you have control over the changes.
  • Speed up cell turnover – Chemical peels and facials deliver a customized experience that is tailored to your skin’s needs. Regular peels and facials will help you get on a schedule that prevents the buildup of aging symptoms on the skin.


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