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Beauty Hacks: Combination Skin

September 30, 2016

young woman looking in mirror dealing with skin problems due to her combination skinThis marks the end of our Beauty Hacks series – if your skin type wasn’t covered, get in touch with any questions about your personal skin care! Check out the other posts for ideas that you can apply to your own skin.

Find that some areas of your face are drowning in oil, while others are flaky and dry? You likely have combination skin, and you’ll need to do some experimenting to figure out what your skin needs. Don’t worry – with the right products, anything is possible. You just need to find them.
Combination skin doesn’t have to mean complicated skin care. But you are going to have to be a little more thoughtful about the way you approach your daily routine. Because different areas of your face have unique needs, spot treatments and flexible products are the way to go. We can help – just schedule a free skin evaluation to get expert guidance.

Causes of Combination Skin

Combination skin is mainly genetic, like most skin types. That said, your current care regimen can exaggerate the worst aspects of your skin – making oily patches oilier, and dry patches dryer. Harsh products will dry sensitive areas while stimulating extra oil production in already-oily areas (like around the nose). Discovering appropriate products will yield nearly immediate, positive results. Dry areas will soften, and oily areas will relax, with pores shrinking.

Caring for Combination Skin at Home

Unlike with all-over dry or oily skin, your solution will be a little more complex. You’ll likely need to care for various areas of your face in different ways. Some guidelines that may help include:

  • Use a water-soluble cleanser – Regularly remove dirt and makeup with a product that won’t leave your skin either tight or greasy. Wash with a cleanser once a day, and rinse your face with water when necessary. Gently pat the skin dry with a washcloth – don’t scrub it.
  • Try a toner – A properly-formulated toner will soothe dry areas and calm oily ones all at once, and you can apply it all-over.
  • Divide and conquer – Use stronger moisturizers on dry areas, and use oil-absorbing products only on oily areas. Try not to cross-contaminate to keep areas with different needs happy and healthy.
  • Keep it light – Look for products aimed at combination skin, and try out thin lotions and gels for moisturizing. Lightweight products are appropriate for full-face application.
  • Layers are your friend – After applying a lightweight moisturizer, can layer on heavier moisturizers only in dry areas for spot treatment.
  • Keep things gentle – Never use products with ingredients that might aggravate the skin, like fragrances.
  • Change your routine with the season – Your combination skin is especially prone to changing with the heat and the cold. You’ll find yourself dealing with additional oil in the summer, and larger dry patches in the winter.
  • Use a nighttime moisturizer – Skin-restoring ingredients are your friend! These will help soothe your skin and reduce both oiliness and dryness.
  • As always: wear sunscreen – Protecting your skin from sun damage is health-conscious and anti-aging, no matter your skin type. Use a light formula all over the face and neck.

Unsure where to get started? Send us a message with your questions!

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