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Clear + Brilliant

Hoping for gentle rejuvenation without downtime? Clear + Brilliant could be your perfect match. Patients who are in their 20’s-30’s and just beginning to experience sun damage or aging aren’t always ready for more involved options like Fraxel. Instead, they see ideal results with milder laser treatments.

Looking great today, with healthy skin, but worried about what might be down the line? Learn more about this starter laser to introduce yourself to the world of in-office anti-aging treatments, and take first steps toward lifelong beautiful skin.

Radiance is a Platinum Pure Clear + Brilliant Provider

We are proud to have achieved the highest tier status for Clear + Brilliant providers. This Platinum Pure distinction shows that our providers have treated significant number of patients at an expert level. If you’re interested in learning more about our experience and what treatment could look like for you, schedule a consultation to arrange a one-on-one appointment with a member of our team.

Ideal Clear + Brilliant Patients…

  • Have a current, consistent skin care regimen to reduce aging and protect their skin
  • Are happy with the appearance of their skin and want to preserve its current state as long as possible
  • Aren’t interested in the downtime and effort involved with procedures like surgery or traditional laser skin resurfacing

clear and brilliantClear + Brilliant is more intense than options like microdermabrasion but less so than Fraxel, creating a happy medium for patients seeking a compromise.

What Patients Say About Their Skin After Clear + Brilliant

Typical Clear + Brilliant results are subtle but comprehensive, encompassing overall skin tone, texture, and evenness. Skin is commonly:

  • Younger-looking
  • Radiant and glowing
  • Feeling renewed, with a super soft texture
  • Illuminated, with a youthful tone
  • Marked by less noticeable pores

How Clear + Brilliant Accomplishes Subtle Resurfacing

As with Fraxel, the technology involved is a non-ablative fractional laser. But Clear + Brilliant penetrates the skin at a shallower depth. The laser beam affects a small percentage of the targeted skin, destroying only a fraction of the cells. The healthy cells left untreated will help initiate powerful healing that rejuvenates the skin.

There are two different treatment options available that cater to diverse patient needs.

  1. Clear + Brilliant Original – Reduce pore size and fine lines; improve texture, tone, and elasticity
  2. Clear + Brilliant Perméa – Reduce pore size and fine lines; improve discoloration resulting from melasma or sun damage; increase benefits of topical products applied directly after treatment

Feel like this treatment is speaking to your goals? Get in touch to schedule a consultation and have a complexion analysis.

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