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This Non-Invasive Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment Has Women Talking

April 11, 2018

ultra femme 360

It’s 2018, and women are talking about something that’s far from new, but goes all too often unmentioned: vaginal comfort. This video of Jessica Biel and Chelsea Handler discussing vaginal health got us thinking. We have a new treatment option at Radiance, but it regards a body part that patients aren’t always comfortable broaching. That doesn’t mean it should be overlooked.

Whether you’ve had a baby, gone through menopause, are experiencing a bladder issue, or have another concern related to vaginal comfort, you deserve to find a way forward. Our newest technology, the Ultra Femme 360, offers women a way to tighten and reinvigorate vaginal tissues – and does so without discomfort or downtime.

We know that this may be a new concept to you, and you definitely have questions – we did our best to put together answers to the most common queries below, and we’d love to answer any that we missed. Just give us a call at (630) 221-1883, or get in touch online to receive confidential answers.

Who is Vaginal Rejuvenation For?

Radio frequency technology used to be recommended for patients who would be mostly perimenopausal or postmenopausal women. But today’s woman can look to vaginal rejuvenation to solve many issues including those that suffer from:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Painful Intercourse
  • Certain bladder control issues
  • Decreased lubrication
  • Tightening of vaginal opening
  • Stress incontinence

No matter your situation or the technology you seek, it’s imperative to get a full gynecological checkup before embarking on any course of action in order to rule out any possible other causes of this that would require other treatments.

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments aren’t about pleasing a man; it’s a quality of life issue. These treatments are allowing women to have more satisfying sexual relations, to feel better about themselves without feeling self conscious in sexual situations, and eliminating the need of having to wear a pad for urinary leakage problems.


How Does Radio Frequency Impact Vaginal Tissues?

Radio frequency lasers work by vibrating the molecules which create heat, and stimulates the collagen production as well as blood flow. These two combinations make the collagen more elastic and the blood flow brings more moisture. The BTL UltraFemme 360 is used to create microscopic incisions in the vaginal tissue. The healing response, in turn, stimulates collagen and thickens vaginal skin to increase more lubrication and elasticity. During the treatment, the practitioner will insert a skinny tubular probe, gently rotating and withdrawing it one centimeter at a time. Despite how it may sound, this is a painless procedure and quick,  taking only eight minutes to complete. Unlike CO2, however, patients can get right back to sexual activity if they choose, without any pain, and feeling like the soft tissues were more moist during intercourse.

You can expect three initial treatments, spaced 2-6 weeks apart. This treatment will typically last one year, and after one year, patients can come back in for a booster treatment for yearly maintenance.


What is the Ultra Femme 360 Experience Like?

Patients who  have an Ultra Femme 360 treatment, typically experience no irritation during or after the procedure. The treatment will simply feel like a warming sensation, and if the heat is ever too much, we will simply turn down the intensity and add more gel, which cools off the area, allowing you to continue seconds later.

Patients find this treatment so simple and easy, it can be done during your lunch break, or while you book a babysitter for one hour for a little self-care.

What Kind of Results Are Women Seeing?

Ultra Femme 360 is helping women see big time results like:

  • Increased blood flow to clitoris
  • Increased sensitivity and improved orgasm
  • Plump outer genital lips
  • Lift and firm of external general skin folds
  • Tightening of vaginal opening
  • Improvement in vaginal lubrication
  • Improvement in stress incontinence

We’d love to answer any questions that we may have missed, and give you more information on how this simple 8 minute procedure can change your life in a positive way. Give us a call at (630) 221-1883, or get in touch online to receive confidential answers. Schedule a consultation with Radiance Skincare & Laser Medspa today.


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